100 reasons not to go to kindergarten

Jingling bell, Jingling bell, piglet’s little alarm clock is calling again.

Little Pig opened her eyes in a daze, thinking of going to kindergarten, Little Pig began to sigh: I don’t want to go to kindergarten, but what reason do I use to tell my mother?

Piggy closed his eyes and thought hard.

With that, I said I haven’t woken up yet and can’t get up. I’ve used this reason, okay, okay, and my mother doesn’t believe it at all.

Then I said my stomach hurts, it’s okay, so my mother would take me to the hospital for injections when I was nervous, and I don’t want to see the nurse aunt in the hospital.

Then I said that the school is closed, and I will not go to school today, but my mother will definitely call the school to confirm, and then all will be revealed.

Little Pig tried hard to think hard, but felt that every reason would not work.

Oh, yes, I said that the teacher didn’t wait to hug me at the door of kindergarten, so I didn’t go to kindergarten. Oh, but the teacher must be there waiting for me. We had an appointment yesterday, and the teacher will be anxious if I don’t see me.

Thinking of this, the little pig got up with a grunt and put on clothes, ready to go to kindergarten.

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