A cane

Grandpa Hippo came back from a distance, and he brought a strange walking stick. The older grandson said: “This is a hollow stick.” The younger grandson said: “No, this is a wooden stick section by section.”

Grandpa Hippo said: “This is not a wooden stick, it’s a bamboo stick.”

The two grandsons had never seen this kind of thing, they grabbed it, and no one would let it go. Grandpa Hippo had to cut it off, one section per person.

The older grandson uses bamboo poles as guns, and the younger grandson uses bamboo poles as swords. They will practice martial arts together. But the bamboo spear and the bamboo knife hurt the body. The two said: “This game is not fun.”

They made it into a water gun. “Squeak–” You spray me, I spray you. As a result, both of them got soaked and caught a cold.

Grandpa Hippo took off the water gun, dug some holes in it, and said, “I will give you a gift for each of you.” “What is this?” Grandpa said, “This is the flute. You can play good music.”

From then on, the two grandsons practiced playing the flute every day. Slowly, their flutes are getting better and better, and they often perform for the animals in the forest!

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