A happy pig

A little pig wears a red vest every day. When it goes to work, it is always happy. There was a nice nursery rhyme humming in his mouth: bar, bar, eat, eat; bar, laugh, laugh.

When it walked on the long path, the white rabbit’s taxi was waiting for it. Little White Rabbit’s taxi is very small, and when Little Pig gets on the taxi, the taxi will sway three times. Then, the taxi groaned and drove.

The little white rabbit is very willing to pull the little pig. It said: “Although the little pig is heavier, it is a heavy joy.”

The little white rabbit took the little pig to the overpass, and the little pig got out of the car. Walk up to the overpass and it is the subway station. In the subway station, there are a large number of service staff, all beautiful pigs. It is very interesting that they are all wearing red vests. The source of all this inspiration, of course, comes from our happy pig.

Red can bring happiness to oneself, and it can also bring happiness to others.

Every time the little pig walked on the high overpass, the little white rabbit was very worried. That bridge is so high, so high. The piggy walked panting.

One day, Xiaozhu suddenly said to Little White Rabbit: “It would be nice if your taxi was a little more spacious.” Little White Rabbit said, “Haha, I forgot if you didn’t tell me, my taxi has this function. “The little white rabbit pushed the button, and the body was extended and heightened. It turns out that Little White Rabbit’s taxis are all small customers, such as frogs, hamsters, and so on. Therefore, the function of lengthening and heightening has never been used.

Little Pig is very happy, ah, that’s not bad. Little Pig didn’t expect Little White Rabbit’s taxi to have this function. What makes it even more unexpected is that the car can be pulled apart and the piggy can stand on it. At this moment, suddenly, the little white rabbit’s taxi ran as fast as a running wild horse.

Seeing that he was approaching the overpass, the little pig shouted: “Brake, brake, brake!” The little white rabbit stepped on the brakes several times, but the car didn’t stop. Finally, as soon as it gritted its teeth and stepped on the brakes to the end, the car stopped suddenly. The car stopped abruptly, but the pig flew out of the car, as if Monkey King turned somersaults, a few somersaults came down, and the piggy landed on the overpass.

Ahhhh, the little pig was originally scared and called out. When he found himself on the overpass, he started to laugh happily. It said to the scared little white rabbit: “It’s amazing, I don’t have to climb the overpass anymore.”

Within a few days, the pigs at the subway station started to get busy, and I heard that the elephant king was going to inspect the subway station. They asked the happy pig to give an idea, because the elephant king likes blue very much, but they all wear red vests. The pig said: “Make a blue vest for each pig.” Unfortunately, there is not much blue cloth in the cloth shop, only enough for the pigs to make the fabric for the back of the body.

The little pig said: “Then stay behind. I heard that the elephant king is nearsighted, and the elephant king does not like to walk very close to others, for fear that others will find it is nearsighted. In this way, we all put our buttocks. Head towards the elephant king!”

This is a good idea, but it is very troublesome to be exposed. Xiaozhu volunteered and said: “When the time comes, I will organize everyone!”

That day, as soon as the elephant king walked into the subway station, the piglet immediately shouted: “Please salute the elephant king.” Well, the little pigs turned their butts to the elephant king. The elephant king is very happy, the blue uniform is so beautiful. Little pig said: “Please sing happy nursery rhymes, one two three, start.”

Tap it, eat it, eat it; laugh it, laugh it! The little pigs sing together.

The Elephant King was very happy: “Okay, okay, our people live very happy!” It touched the piggy’s butt with its long nose, thinking it was piggy’s face, it said happily: “Little guys, Your cheeks are swollen, so good!”

The little pigs wanted to laugh, but none of them dared to laugh.

Suddenly, the elephant king waved his ears unhappily because it smelled an unpleasant smell. The elephant king said: “Don’t you guys have a bath?”

The little pig said immediately: “King Elephant, there are more tourists today, everyone is so busy and sweaty, please forgive me!”

The Elephant King said: “Good, good, good, you guys have worked hard!”

The little pig said together: “It’s no hard work! Let’s eat, let’s eat. Let’s laugh, laugh.”

The elephant king went away contentedly, and the piglets were lying on the ground with exhaustion. The happy little pig fell asleep with exhaustion, snores, and sang: “Papa papa, eat and eat; papa papa, laugh and laugh!”

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