A little rain came

Little rain came with brisk steps.

The little rain hit the big leaves in the panda’s dark circle yard, crackling, the panda was asleep, he didn’t know; the little rain tapped on the panda window glass, ding-dong ding-dong, the panda was asleep, he didn’t I know; Xiao Yu Dian’er came to the stream in front of the panda’s yard with his companions. The panda was asleep. He still didn’t know… the

rain stopped. The panda woke up with dark circles under his eyes. He stretched out and walked out of the house. The air outside the door was so fresh and moist. The panda stretched out his palm and said,

“Who has been here? Who has been here…”

The big tree in the courtyard Said, a little rain has come, and he washed every leaf of my leaves green and beautiful; the little window said, a little rain has come, and he polished my glass brightly; the stream in front of the door said , Little rain has come. Look, how many little waves he gave me, I want to flow forward quickly… The

red panda’s black eyes said regretfully: “I’m asleep, and the little rain left me nothing!”

At this moment, From the bamboo thicket in front of the panda’s dark circle house, a drop of crystal clear rain dripped on the tip of his nose. Another drop fell on his toes… The panda’s dark circles under his eyes looked down. In the moist soil in front of his family’s bamboo bushes, several tender and pointed bamboo shoots were drilled out. The panda’s dark circles bent down and looked at him. He said,

“Ah, the little rain made my bamboo grow cute little bamboo shoots. The little bamboo shoots grow quickly, and I will have more tender bamboo leaves to eat in the future! “The

panda’s dark circles, towards the blue sky, and the clouds floating in the blue sky said:

“Thank you for the little rain. I won’t sleep next time you come. I want you to shower on the tip of my nose, shower on my dark circles, and shower on it.” My feet and palms…”

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