A pile of frozen fish

In the cold winter, the north wind kept roaring, and heavy snow fell one after another. In a house by the road, a family of polar bears is gathered around the dining table, drinking hot fish soup.

“Boom bang bang”, there was a rapid (cù) knock on the door. Mr. Polar Bear opened the door and saw a shivering fox standing outside the door.

“Come in quickly and warm yourself up with a sip of fresh fish soup.” Mr. Polar Bear greeted warmly.

“But how can I drink your fish soup for nothing?” The fox licked his lips (chún).

“We are looking for someone to help. Can you help us move the fish duo (duò) from the kitchen to the storage room?” Mrs. Polar Bear hurriedly interjected.

“Yes!” The fox was surprised, and followed Mrs. Polar Bear to move the fish pile into the storage room.

“Come on, have a bowl of hot soup, and taste the grilled fish I made.” Mr. Polar Bear carried a bowl of hot soup, holding the fragrant grilled fish.

Seeing the fox disappearing into the wind and snow with a full burp, Mr. Polar Bear smiled with satisfaction.

At noon, an old dog hit the door and passed by, looking very weak. “Come on, drink a bowl of hot soup and warm yourself up before leaving.” Mr. Polar Bear enthusiastically stayed. “Although I am hungry, I don’t want to eat free food.” The old dog said.

“How to eat free food? We are about to ask someone to move the fish pile from the storage room to the kitchen.” said Mrs. Polar Bear.

When the old dog finished moving the fish pile and was sitting at the table in the polar bear’s house drinking fish soup, Mr. Polar Bear felt warm in his heart. Seeing the old dog striding into the wind and snow, Mr. Polar Bear felt very comfortable.

People pass by from time to time on the main road, and many of them move Mr. Polar Bear’s fish pile from the storage room to the kitchen, and from the kitchen to the storage room. Then I sat at the table and drank the fish soup, and then scorched the grilled fish, patted the bulging belly one by one and left.

The snow still kept falling, and the fish pile of Mr. Polar Bear’s house gradually became shorter. One icy and snowy morning, Mr. and Mrs. Polar Bear braved the cold wind and came to the hard ice, beating them “boomboomboom”. They want to catch more fish and make the fish stacks higher.

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