A puppy that can’t bark (a dog that can’t bark)

Once upon a time, there was a puppy that couldn’t bark, but it didn’t care about it. It was another animal who said, “Why, you can’t bark?”

“Why do you want to bark?”

“Don’t you know that dogs will bark? What a weird dog!”

The puppy doesn’t know how to answer or how to learn how to bark.

“Call me like me.” A little rooster that sympathized with it, craned its neck and crowed two or three times, “Oh oh oh -”

“It seems difficult,” said the puppy.

“It’s very simple, look at my mouth.” The little rooster crowed again.

The puppy tried to bark, but it was a rude “chuck” that scared the little hens and ran away.

“It’s okay,” the cock said comforting it, “try again, try again.”

The puppy hides in the woods from morning till night, practicing hard. One morning, it screamed!

The fox heard it and jumped over, carrying a fork, knife and napkin with him. For a fox, there is nothing more tender than the meat of a young rooster.

When it saw that it was not a rooster, but a puppy that stretched its neck and crowed again and again, it was so disappointed: “Hey, you want to plot to kill me!”


“Yes. You made me believe that a rooster lost its way in the woods, but was actually lying in ambush here, trying to catch me abruptly. You are an unreasonable sneak attack. The dog usually uses a barking bark to inform me: The hunter is here.”

“I, I never thought of a sneak attack, I was practicing barking, listen, how good my call is!”

It crowed very loudly: “Oh oh oh -”

The fox laughed and fell to the ground and rolled, covering his belly hard, biting his beard and tail. The puppy was ashamed, eyes filled with tears, and slipped away quietly.

There was a turtle dove parked nearby, and saw a puppy walking by, pitying it: “Why are you so sad?”

“Because… I don’t bark, no one taught me.”

“I’ll teach you. Listen carefully to how I call: Gu Gu-Gu Gu-understand?”

“It seems easy.”

“It’s very easy, I would bark when I was very young. Try: Coo-coo-” The puppy has practiced for a week, and it has been able to bark quite well. It was very happy and thought: “No one wants to make fun of me now.”

At this time, a hunter heard a cooing sound from the woods, and hurriedly picked up his gun.

“Bang!” “Bang!” The bullet flew over the puppy’s ears, and it ran away, wondering: “This hunter must be crazy. Even the barking dog shot.”

At this time, the hunter was looking for the turtledove, he thought, the turtledove must have been killed.

“It must be the dog that took it away. God knows where this dog came from.” The hunter murmured. In order to vent his anger, he shot a small mouse with his head out of the den, but missed it.

The dog runs, runs…

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