A tree full of sparrows

There is a tree in front of my house. It is an evergreen tree. The trees are full of sparrows, they are like children living on different floors in a tall building.

In spring, sparrows will be cleaned up. At this time, if you pass under the tree, you might see some small feathers or dust floating down.

Sparrows will play games in the trees: hide and seek among the branches, hide around; practice jumping on tree branches, jumping up and down; sometimes throwing sandbags up and down!

Sometimes, when you listen carefully under the tree, you will hear them singing birthday songs, that is, there are sparrows celebrating their birthdays, and perhaps you will see butter cake crumbs falling off.

At dusk, the sparrows will chat in the tree, chirping, chirping, and talk about what happened during the day.

At Christmas, the sparrows will hang gifts and colorful lights on the treetops, and then paint their feathers with shiny colors. From a distance, it is really a beautiful and lively colorful Christmas tree!

How about it, do you want to plant a tree, fertilize it, water it, catch insects, and then make it a home for sparrows?

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