Air calligrapher

By the edge of a swamp, Mother Dayan is giving flying lessons to her six children.

“Stand at attention! Look to the right! Look forward! Take a break—” The usually gentle Mother Dayan became serious today, “Children, have you remembered all the flying essentials that you taught you yesterday?”

“Remember!” The children lined up neatly and replied loudly.

Mother Dayan also wanted to test the children’s flying skills, so she said: “Little three, little six, you two get out of the queue, let us all take a look at the flight.”

The junior’s flying skills are the best, and of course he is very proud of having the opportunity to show it. But Xiao Liu was very timid, he stood shyly in the team and refused to go out. At this time, Mother Dayan came to him and quietly comforted: “Little Liu, come on! You must be able to do it!”

Mother’s encouragement gave Xiao Liu enough courage. He came to a high place, took a deep breath, spread his wings and flew into the sky.

“Papa…” Mother Dayan and her brothers clapped happily and exclaimed excitedly: “Little Liu, great!”

Suddenly, a blast of air affected Xiao San. He turned sideways and almost fell off.

After landing safely, Mother Dayan and her brothers praised Xiao Liu. Xiao San didn’t fly well, he was very unconvinced. He roared angrily: “Although Xiao Liu is lucky this time, next time he flies into the sky, he will definitely fall off!”

When Xiao Liu heard his brother say this, he got under his mother’s wings in shock.

From then on, when it was time for training, Xiao Liu refused to fly into the sky. He always remembered the words his brother said: “The next time he flies into the sky, he will definitely fall off!” How does it feel to fall in the air? It must be terrible! He might even break his wings and break his legs… The more he thought about it, the more scared he became.

On this day, the wild geese were taking the children for a walk, and a group of wild geese flew across the sky. Their flying skills are superb, and they can change positions, forming a “person” for a while, and a “-” for a while. : The children could see God, and they showed an expression of envy.

“This is what I mentioned to you. The most important and most important thing about Dayan Family’s’Calligraphy in the Air’ is unity and cooperation. Only when everyone works together can it be completed. Do you understand?”

The children nodded and said confidently: “Understood, Mom. We will definitely be done!”

From then on, every morning at dawn, the children followed the mother goose to the edge of the swamp and started training. Although Xiaoliu carefully recited the formula taught by her mother, she still refused to fly to the sky: “If you fly into the sky, you will definitely fall!”

Xiao San knew that his brother was frightened by his own words. Feeling ashamed. He took Xiao Liu’s hand and comforted: “It doesn’t matter, if you fall, there is still us, we will protect you!”

Several other brothers also said: “Yes, we will all protect you! Fly bravely!”

In the whistle of Mother Dayan, the children soared into the sky. In a neat beat, they ride on the airflow, and then they line up into a “person”, and then a “one”.

Dayan mother one, finally closely together, transform a variety of formations, has become a qualified “air calligraphy home.”

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