Alice in the Mirror 4: Brother Ding Dong and Brother Ding Dong

They stood under a tree and put one arm around each other’s necks. Alice knew who was who all at once. Because one of them has the word “brother” embroidered on the collar, and the word “brother” is embroidered on the collar of the other. “I think they must have the words “Ding Dong” embroidered on the back of their collars.” She said to herself.

They stood so quietly that she almost forgot that they were alive. When she was about to turn back to see if they had the word “dingdong” on their collars, the little fat man with the word “brother” suddenly spoke, and she was taken aback.

“If you think we are wax figures, you should pay first,” he said. “You know, wax figures are not made for people to look at for nothing. Hey! No!”

“Conversely,” that. The little fat man with the word “brother” said, “If you think we are alive, you should talk.”

“Ah, I’m sorry,” this is the only thing Alice can say right now. Because the old children’s song resounded in her mind, as if the clock was tickling and tickling there, she couldn’t help sing out:

“Brother Dingdong and Brother
Dingdong, they opened the stand while talking. Because
Ding Dong’s new rattle
was broken by Ding Dong!

“A crow with a coat of pitch
racing against the pitch flew down from the sky.
The two heroes were so scared that they
completely forgot to fight. ”

I know what you are thinking,” Brother Dingdong said, “but that’s not true, hey, it’s not.” ”

On the contrary,” Ding Dong continued, “If it is true, it may be true; if it was true, it is true; but since it is not true now, then it is now Fake. This is logic. ”

I want to know how to get out of the woods,” Alice said politely, “it’s dark now.” Can you tell me? Excuse me. ”

But these two little fat guys just looked at each other with a smile and couldn’t help laughing…

It seems they are so like a pair of pupils, teachers like Alice could not help pointing jingle as brother said, “you say it first.”

“Karma, no,” jingle brother briefly cried, and then I heard this bar Bata mouth Closed.

“Then you,” Alice said again, pointing to Brother Ding Dong. She knew he would yell “On the contrary.” Sure enough, he yelled like that.

“You were wrong at the beginning!” Brother Dingdong said, “When you visit someone, you should ask’how are you?’ and shake hands!” At this point, the two brothers hugged each other, and then they left the empty one. Hands stretched out, ready to shake hands.

Alice didn’t know who to shake hands with first, for fear that the other would be upset. Later she figured out the best way, holding both of them at the same time, and then they started dancing in circles. Alice later recalled that it seemed natural at the time, and she was not surprised when she heard the music. The music seemed to come from between the trees above their heads. It was made by the branches rubbing against the branches, rubbing like a bow and a violin.

“That’s so funny (Alice later told her sister this story), I found myself singing’We danced around the mulberry bushes’. I don’t know how I started, I feel like myself Already sang? It’s been a long, long time.” The

other two dancers were very fat, and soon became out of breath. “Four laps of a dance is enough.” Brother Dingdang panted. So they stopped immediately, as suddenly as at the beginning, and the music stopped at the same time.

Then, they let go of Alice’s hand, and stood staring at her for a minute or two. Alice felt embarrassed, and she didn’t know how to speak to the person who was dancing with her. “It’s no longer appropriate to ask’how are you?’,” she said to herself, “we have been together for a long time.”

“Aren’t you tired?” she said finally.

“Ah, no. Thank you for your concern.” Brother Ding Dong said.

“Thank you very much,” said Ding Dong, “do you like poetry?”

“I like it, some poems are… well written,” Alice said hesitantly, “Can you tell me how to get out of the woods?”

“Which one should I recite for her?” Brother Dingdong asked with his big eyes looking at Brother Dingdang seriously, ignoring Alice’s question at all.

“”Walrus and Carpenter” is the longest one.” Brother Dingdang replied. And hugged his brother affectionately.

Brother Ding Dong started immediately:

“The sun is shining…”

At this time, Alice interrupted him boldly, and said politely as possible: “If it is long, can you please tell me how to go first…”

Ding Dong The younger brother just smiled gently, and then began to carry it back again,

“The sun shines on the ocean,
giving out all its light.
It shines so well,
sparkling blue waves. It’s
strange to say that
this is the middle of the night again.

” The moon sullen angrily.
She thinks that the sun shouldn’t
care about this. He has been in the day and
shouldn’t make trouble at night.
She said:’He is too rude, and
he is still playing around at this time. ‘

‘ Big tide could not be more wet tide,
the beach did not dried.
The sky is not a cloud,
so you also see little clouds.
No birds fly over your head,
and therefore there is no sky birds.

“Walrus and the Carpenter ,
Walking hand in hand by the sea.
couldn’t help but burst into tears when they saw so much sand .
They said:’It’s amazing to be able to sweep them away
! ‘

‘ The Walrus said: ‘maid to take seven seven broom,
sweep time in the first half,
Think about it,
can they sweep away the sand? ‘
‘I doubt it. ‘The carpenter replied, with
a tear coming out of his eyes.

“The walrus pleaded:’Hey, oysters,
take a walk with us!
talk and walk happily along the beach. The
two of us have only four hands and
can only hold the four of you.’

“Old Oyster looked at him
without saying a word;
shook his heavy head and
blinked silently.
It wanted to say:’Oyster can’t leave this home. ‘

“Four small oysters came quickly,
bent on accepting hospitality.
They wore neat shoes,
clothes brand-new, white face.
Say can be really strange,
all without feet, shoes do not come.

” In addition four Following them,
another pair came.
It’s miles away, more and more, and
finally a lot of people come.
They jumped over the frothy waves and
came to the coast together.

“The walrus and the carpenter
walked more than a mile in one breath.
Then they sat on the low rock. The
little oysters stood in front of them,
waiting to line up.

“‘It’s time,’ said the walrus,
‘let’s come. Talk about it.
Talk about sealing wax, boots, and ships;
and the emperor and cabbage.
Talk about why the sea is hot,
talk about whether the piglet has wings. ‘

‘ Oysters have cried: ‘wait a minute,
wait a while and then continue the conversation,
we were all fat,
and some have been quite out of breath’!
Carpenter said: ‘Do not worry,’
small oysters are very grateful to him

. ” ‘Now,’ said the walrus,
‘we need to have a lump and wrap it.
Besides, it’s better to have some
balsamic vinegar and pepper.
If you are ready,
we both will have a full meal. ‘

‘ ‘But we do not eat!’ They cried oysters,
they are scared of the color blue.
‘You just told us so good,
now this hand really bad.’
‘Let’s enjoy the scenery it’ the Walrus said,
‘Look, The night is so beautiful.’

“‘Thank you for coming with us,
your taste is so good. “The
carpenter simply said: ”
Cut us another slice of bread,
I hope you don’t pretend to be deaf,
I have said twice. ‘

“‘ Oh shame, ‘the Walrus said,
‘ Let’s take them gone so far,
but also let them run so tired,
but again they cheat!
Carpenters say nothing,
only said: ‘cream painted too thick Point!’

“The walrus said:’Am I crying for you?
You are so pitiful. ‘
He kept sobbing,
Tears dripped all over his face.
He took out a handkerchief and
hid his tears.

“The carpenter said:’Oh, oysters,
you stomped happily , should you
go home now?’
But there is no answer,
which is not surprising, because-
they have eaten up the oysters.”

“I still I like walruses,” said Alice, “because, look, they still feel a little bit sad for those poor oysters.”

“On the contrary, he eats more than carpenters,” said Ding Dong. “Look, he Put the handkerchief in front of you so that the carpenter can’t count how much he ate.”

“It’s mean!” Alice said angrily. “Then I still like the carpenter if he eats less than the walrus.

” But he can’t eat anymore.” Brother Dingdang said.

This is a difficult problem. Alice thought for a while and said, “Huh, they are both nasty things…” She stopped in a panic because she heard something in the woods next to her, like a locomotive whistling. . But she was afraid of a beast. “Are there lions and tigers there?” she asked scaredly.

“That’s the Red Chess King snoring,” Ding Dong said.

“Go, let’s take a look,” the two brothers cried. Each of them took Alice’s hand and went to the place where the Red King was sleeping.

“Isn’t he pretty?” Brother Ding Dong said.

Alice didn’t think so. The king wore a high-land red nightcap with a tufted ball on it. He flinched there like a pile of rubbish, snoring loudly. Brother Ding Dong said: “He is about to snore off his head.” Alice said: “I’m afraid he will catch a cold lying on the damp grass.” She is a very careful little girl.

“He is dreaming,” said Ding Dong, “what do you think he dreamed of?”

Alice said, “No one can guess this.”

“It was you that he dreamed of,” Brother Ding Dong claps his hands triumphantly, “If he didn’t dream of you, where do you think you would be now?”

“It’s where you should be, of course!” Silk said.

“Without you!” Ding Dong said contemptuously, “then you will have nothing, hey, you are just something in his dream.”

“If the king wakes up, then you will be gone. !” Brother Dingdong continued, “You will disappear with a’huh’, just like a candle was blown out.”

“No!” Alice exclaimed angrily, “Besides, if I was just him In the dream, what are you guys? I want to ask.”

“It’s the same,” Ding Dong said.

“Same! Same! Same!” Brother Ding Dong called.

He shouted so badly that Alice couldn’t help but say, “Hush! You shout so loudly, you will wake him up,”

“Humph! You say’wake him up’, it’s meaningless.” Brother Ding Dong said “Because you are nothing but the thing in his dream. You know you are not real.”

“I am real,” Alice said, and began to cry.

“Crying won’t make you real,” Ding Dong said, “There’s nothing to cry.”

All of this is so confusing, Alice couldn’t help crying and laughing and said: “If I’m not real , I won’t cry!”

“Do you think they are real tears?” Brother Dingdang said in a very despising tone.

“I know, they’re talking nonsense.” Alice thought, “It’s silly to cry for this,” so she wiped away her tears and tried to cheer up and said, “I’d better go out of the woods as soon as possible. It’s getting darker and darker now. Do you think it will rain?”

Brother Dingdong took out a big umbrella and propped it on top of him and his brother. Then he looked up at the umbrella and said, “No, it won’t rain, at least it won’t rain under here. Hey! No!”

“But will it rain outside?”

“If it wants to, it will Next.” Brother Ding Dong said, “We have no objection, and it’s the opposite.”

“Selfish guy,” Alice thought. She was about to say “goodbye” and left them when Brother Dingdang suddenly jumped out from under the umbrella and grabbed her wrist.

“Did you see that thing?” He was almost speechless with anger. His eyes suddenly became big and yellow, and with a trembling hand, he pointed at a white object under the tree.

“It’s just a rattle,” Alice said after looking carefully. “You know, it’s not a wolf.” Alice thought he was scared, and hurriedly added, “It’s just a rattle, it’s old and broken.”

“I know it’s broken.” Brother Ding Dang cried, mad. He stomped his feet like this, while holding his hair with his hands, “He broke it, of course!” At this point, he stared at Brother Dingdang, who immediately sat on the ground, trying to hide in the umbrella.

Alice put her hand on his arm and comforted him and said, “You ca

n’t be angry about an old rattle.” “But it’s not the old one!” Brother Dingdong exclaimed, even more angry, “It’s new, I’ll tell you I just bought it yesterday. My new rattle!” His voice rose to a scream.

During this period of time, Brother Ding Dong was trying hard to close the umbrella, and wrapped himself in the umbrella. What he did was so strange that he drew Alice’s attention away from that angry brother. But Ding Dong didn’t succeed. In the end, he fell to the ground wrapped in an umbrella, with only his head sticking out. He just lay there, closing his mouth and big eyes tightly. “It looks like a fish,” Alice thought.

“Of course you agree to a fight?” Brother Dingdong asked in a calmer tone.

“I think so,” the younger brother said grimly, as he crawled out of the umbrella. “But she must help us dress well, you know.”

So the two brothers ran into the woods hand in hand, and came back in less than a minute, carrying various things, such as pillows. , Blankets, step pads, tablecloths, bowl covers, coal buckets, etc. “Do you know how to pin and tie the knot?” Brother Dingdong asked, “These things have to be put on us.”

Alice said afterwards that she had never experienced such a mess in her life. The two brothers are so busy, they have to wear so many messy things, and they have to make her busy with belts and buttons. “They have dressed up like this, it’s like a rag head!” Alice said to herself. At this time, she was wrapping a pillow around Brother Ding Dong’s neck. He said, “This is to prevent the head from being chopped off. . ” ”

you know, head chopped off, “he said solemnly,” this is a man in combat can suffer the worst thing. ”

Alice could not help but laugh out loud, but she managed to smile The sound became a cough, because she was afraid of hurting his feelings.

Brother Dingdong came over and asked her to wear a helmet for him (he called it a helmet, but it was actually like a soup pot). “I look pale, right?” he asked.

“Oh, so…a little…” Alice replied in a low voice,

“I’m usually brave,” he whispered, “but

I have a headache today.” “I have a terrible toothache,” Brother Ding Dong Hearing this said, “My situation is much worse than yours.”

“Then you better stop fighting today,” Alice said, thinking it was a good opportunity for them to make peace.

“We have to fight, but . may not play for a long time, “Ding Dong brother said:”? What time is now, ”

Ding Dong brother look at his watch, said:.” four-thirty, ” ”

Let’s hit six o’clock, and then go to dinner, “Ding Dong brother said .

“Well,” Brother Ding Dong said sadly, “she can look at us-but you don’t get too close.” He added, “When I get really excited, I will hit whatever I see.
” I can hit whatever I can,” Brother Dingdong cried, “No matter if I see it or not.”

Alice laughed and said, “I think, then you will hit those trees often. ”

Brother Dingdang smiled triumphantly and looked around, and said, “When we are finished, there won’t be a single tree around.”

“This is just for a rattle.” Alice said. She still wanted to inspire them to know that they were embarrassed to fight for this little thing.

“If it’s not new, I won’t care.” Brother Dingdang said.

“I hope that big crow will come soon.” Alice thought.

“We only have one sword, you know,” Ding Dong Da said to his brother, “but you can use an umbrella. It is as sharp as this sword. But we must start quickly. It’s too dark.”

“It’s getting darker and darker .” Now,” Brother Ding Dong said.

Indeed, it was so dark that Alice thought there was going to be a heavy thunderstorm. “This dark cloud is really big,” she said, “and how fast it came. Hey! I think it has wings.”
“That’s the big crow!” Brother Dingdong screamed in panic, so he blinked. The two brothers escaped without a trace.

Alice ran into the woods. “Here it can’t catch me,” she thought. “It’s too big to squeeze into the middle of the tree, but I hope it doesn’t flap its wings like this-it blows such a wind in the woods. , Hey, someone’s shawl is shaved.”

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