An enviable family

Mr. Hippo went to visit Mr. Bear’s family.

Mr. Bear is a big family.

As soon as Mr. Hippo entered the door, he almost tripped over a stool at the door, and his glasses fell to the ground.

Mr. Hippo picked up his glasses and put them on. The room was in a mess. There were unwashed dishes on the table, and dirty clothes piled up in the corner of the room…

Daddy Xiong stepped on the watermelon peel that was thrown on the ground, sprained his waist, and was lying on the bed. He shouted for a cup of tea, but no one paid him any attention.

Boss Xiong said: I’m so busy!

Xiong Lao Er said: I have done enough!

Xiong Laosan said: I should rest!

Xiong Laosi said: It’s too unfair, I’m busy enough!

Mr. Hippo poured a bowl of water for Daddy Xiong, he shook his head and walked out.
Mr. Hippo came to Grandma Otter’s house.

This is also a big family.

As soon as Mr. Hippo entered the door, he was invited by the little otters to sit down at the table. The table was clean and spotless.

The windows of the room were bright, and the sunlight coming in seemed brighter and gentler than elsewhere.

Grandma Otter was talking about something, but Mr. Hippo turned her ears to understand: Her grandchildren wouldn’t let her do any work, but she must take a break from her grandchildren. Do a little work.

The boss said: I haven’t done much work yet, why should I take a rest?

The second otter said: I just did a little bit.

Dao San said: My strength hasn’t been used yet!

Da Si said: Compared with my brothers, what have I done?

Mr. Hippo felt very comfortable in his heart, just like a glass window shining in the sun, gentle and bright…

He said to Grandma Otter: “Your home is enviable!”

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