Anecdote of the Ugly Country

A nympho snake looking for love everywhere, interested in “snake” type animals. She ran into an earthworm, but the size was so different that the earthworm didn’t shake her at all, and turned his head to her and left. In a faraway place, there is a country of ugly people. This country is very rich, with gold and precious stones everywhere, and the people are united and friendly, and live a happy life. But the people are very ugly, kings, queens and ministers are no exception.

Therefore, they are often discriminated against in international exchanges. For example, ambassadors sent to various countries cannot participate in banquets and celebrations in that country, and beauty pageants do not have their share. The king was very angry at all kinds of unequal treatment. In order to improve the status and dignity of the country, and to change the appearance of the people as soon as possible, he immediately called the ministers to discuss ways, but he said nothing. This is really a problem. After a long absence, the Minister of Foreign Affairs put forward a suggestion: to recruit the world’s best, there may be tricks, the king agreed, and decreed to post the imperial list: there are people who can change the appearance of the people, rewarding thousands of gems, 10,000 gold, and sealing it as a first-grade product. Official position.

There was a national sensation for a while, and several revealers claimed to have magical methods, but they were nothing but cosmetology, cosmetology, etc., but they had no obvious effect. The king was still frowning and restless.

One day, a young lady revealed the royal list and came to see the king. When the king saw her, he was stunned and stunned. It turned out that this woman was so beautiful that she was rare in the world. It took a long time for the king to wake up and ask her what kind of beauty treatment she had. The lady said: “My name is Mei Wulun, and I came from a foreign country to share my worries for your Majesty.” The king was overjoyed when he heard it.

She took out a small octagonal mirror from her bag and said, “This is called an octagonal beauty mirror. As long as you use it to shine for five minutes, you can change your genes. No matter how ugly you are, you will immediately become beautiful.”

The king took the mirror dubiously, looked and looked at it, after a few minutes, and then looked in the mirror, there was a very handsome king, and asked in surprise, “Who is in this mirror?” The young lady laughed: ” Your Majesty, don’t you even know you yourself?” The king called the minister again to confirm that he really believed it. Immediately rewarded the beauty of innocuous gems and gold, and named her as the Minister of Beauty, and lived in the luxurious palace.

The king asked his family to look in the mirror first, and then the palace and ministers. Then he ordered people from all over the country to come to look in the mirror in batches. Soon there were troubles. Those who had looked in the mirror were reluctant to do any work. They made up all day and even turned their relatives and friends into disagreement, couples divorced, frequent assassinations and robberies, and social chaos. If this continues, there will be the danger of the country’s subjugation.

The king immediately issued an order to stop looking in the mirror immediately. But the undocumented people continued to flock to the capital, protesting to the king, and declaring that they would take away beauty.

The king called an emergency meeting overnight to discuss countermeasures. The Minister of Moral Education said: “It’s not enough to have a beautiful appearance. You must have spiritual beauty, noble morals, honesty and humility, so that the country can be stable and peaceful.” But this is not something that can be done in a short period of time. Mei Wulun said: “I think it’s better to let the people of the whole country look in the mirror before talking. With so many people in the capital, it will cause a mess…”

At this time, the Minister of Science and Technology shook his head and said, “My friend— —The great inventor Kerley has worked hard for many years to study a medicine that can make the mind beautiful. I heard that it has been successful recently…” The

king suddenly turned his worries into joy, and decided to call Kerley tomorrow. Suddenly the guard reported: Kerley begged to see you. Then he walked into an ugly little man. He found the beauty among the ministers and concluded that she was innocent. He said to the king: “Your Majesty, please allow me to toast Miss Innocent. She wants to change The appearance of the people of our country has made a great contribution. In the future, we will work together to make the people’s appearance and soul be beautiful.” After saying that, I poured a glass of wine and handed it to her. Mei Wulun had to answer, said “thank you”, and took a sip. As soon as the wine was down, she immediately left her seat and came to the king, “thumping” and kneeling: “I am a spy, I deceived the king, please forgive me!” The king and the ministers were baffled and surprised.

Mei Wulun told the whole story. It turns out that she is also from an ugly country. She hates herself for being too ugly and always wants to be beautiful. Hearing that foreign countries have advanced technology and superb cosmetic surgery, she smuggled into the greedy country and was caught by the border of the country. Patrol officers caught it.

The greedy country is very poor. She has long coveted the wealth of the ugly country, so a master plastic surgeon gave her a facelift, trained as a senior spy, and asked her to return to her country with a national treasure—a beauty mirror. In an attempt to mess up the country, the greedy country took the opportunity to send troops to invade and plunder all the gems and gold here.

Everyone understood the truth, but I don’t know why she would confess their conspiracy. It turned out that when Kerley pours alcohol, he secretly put in a small pill of “Beauty for the Mind” he developed. After taking it, people immediately become noble and honest, and all bad things they do will be revealed, and everyone suddenly realized it.

The king quickly announced this huge news to the whole country, which aroused the patriotic enthusiasm of the people, the army and the people worked together to repel the invader’s army. The king also asked Kerley to rush to make the “Heart Beauty” medicine and distribute it to the people. Let Mei Wulun continue to change the appearance of those who haven’t looked in the mirror.

Since then, this ugly country has become a “double America” ​​with beautiful hearts and beautiful faces. Kerley started a new study again, Mei Wuren fell in love with him, and soon married him. Mei Wulun became her husband’s right-hand man, and made more new inventions to jointly benefit mankind. When Xiao Snake was sad, he suddenly heard an earthworm’s call for help

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