Aphid mother-in-law

As soon as the Sheriff Frog entered the office, a dragonfly flew in and said, “Report! I have caught a little villain!”

“Little villain?” said the sergeant frog, “what’s your name?”

“I don’t know his name either, I just hear everyone call him’Aphid Mother’.”

“Aphid mother-in-law? I haven’t heard of it, bring it here and have a look.” The sheriff said quickly.

When the dragonfly brought out the little villain, the sheriff said, “What aphid mother-in-law, this is the larva of the ladybug.”

Dragonfly explained: “However, this little thing has been mixed with aphids all day long, and it seems that the relationship is not normal. Everyone gave them the nickname’Aphid Mother’.”

The Sheriff Frog thought for a while and said, “Yes, there are many kinds of ladybugs. Those with shiny elytra are beneficial insects; those with fluffy elytras are pests. It’s hard to say whether this larva is good or bad. ”

“I am not a pest! I am not a pest! Don’t wrong me!” the little guy yelled.

“You fight the pests fiercely, you are the pests!” Dragonfly said frankly.

“Oh, don’t look at you with so many eyes, you can’t even tell the good from the bad, and it’s not shy to say that you are a scout!” This little thing has a terrific mouth.

“Well, if you say you are not a pest, then you can go back. However, if you do bad things in the future, the sheriff will not be polite.”

As soon as the little thing left, the sheriff said in Dragonfly’s ear: “We don’t have any evidence to say whether he is good or bad. You should go and see what did he do with the aphids?”

The dragonfly flew into a cotton field and hid beside the aphid den. After a while, the little thing came back. Dragonfly puffed up its compound eyes and looked at it motionless.

Looking at it, the dragonfly was surprised: this little thing seemed to be mixed with aphids, but in fact he was eating aphids secretly! One bite, one bite, so fast, so that it can eat 800 to 900 miles a day.

The dragonfly flapped his wings with joy, and was shocked by the little thing that was eating aphids. He hurried out and said, “Are you going to take me to the sheriff again?”

“Yes, let’s go.”

Coming to the sergeant frog, Dragonfly said: “I brought the little things again, but this time I am asking the sergeant to award him a medal for the’deworming hero’!”

The sheriff said happily: “So, you are the larva of Ladybug! What a little hero!”

The little guy said shyly: “I just want Brother Dragonfly to send me back, and my stomach is hungry again…” Hearing what he said, both Frog and Dragonfly laughed…

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