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There is a little bear named Weiwei in the Acrobatic Troupe. He can throw things very high and very high. Everyone calls him “Superior Weiwei”. On this day, Weiwei went to play with friends.. He met Pippi the monkey by the river, and Pippi was wearing a new hat. Weiwei snatched it over and put it on his head, oops, it’s too small. “Haha, give it back to … Continue reading

Helpful little black bear

Little black bear is actually not young, because he is only five years old, so everyone is used to calling him little black bear. Although the little black bear was still young, he helped the little animals in the forest with his great efforts to do a lot of things. Not long ago, a heavy rain washed the little white rabbit’s house down. The little white rabbit was crying … Continue reading

Professor Mouse’s vacuum cleaner

The Health Festival is approaching. Every family is tidying up the courtyard and cleaning the room. A clean festival is about to be spent! Professor Mouse passed by the Fat Pig’s window and saw Fat Pig wearing a headscarf, stepping on a stool, and holding a duster. Working hard to dust the roof.. Professor Mouse said: “Fat pig, this is too much effort, I will take a… Continue reading

Kiss in stocking

Christmas is coming soon. The lamb still remembers that at Christmas last year, his mother gave him a big red apple and a beautiful picture book, and said to him: “Baby, I wish you peace, health and happiness!” The lamb walked over in the cabin, walked over, turning over the closet, sometimes the drawer, sometimes under the pillow… it even turned over under th… Continue reading

Long-footed Coulter

There used to be a couple. Although they lived in the fertile land of Ireland, they had been married for more than 20 years and had no children. One morning, the husband Damed went to the wild to hunt hares. A thick layer of snow fell on the ground, and there was a thick fog in the sky, and there was nothing to see from two meters away. Although Daimd was familiar with every in… Continue reading

Savory corn

Little white mice like to eat corn. Little squirrels also like to eat corn. The white mouse said to the little squirrel, “Let’s grow corn together!” “Great, I’m thinking about planting corn with you too!” said the little squirrel. The little white mouse and the little squirrel found a piece of corn-planting field, ready to loosen the soil. At this … Continue reading

Beibei’s pimple

Beibei always thought that she was no different from other friends. In the beginning, everyone was round eggs, and then they grew long tails and became tadpoles. The tadpoles grow bigger and bigger. They gave birth to four legs, took off their long tails, and took off their black coats. They could swim, climb, and hop around. At this time, their names were Frogs. The appearance… Continue reading

A happy pig

A little pig wears a red vest every day. When it goes to work, it is always happy. There was a nice nursery rhyme humming in his mouth: bar, bar, eat, eat; bar, laugh, laugh. When it walked on the long path, the white rabbit’s taxi was waiting for it. Little White Rabbit’s taxi is very small, and when Little Pig gets on the taxi, the taxi will sway three times. Then, the … Continue reading

Fairy tale with moon and stars

In the night sky, the moon is like a gleaming golden shell, and a small pearl pops out from it (bènɡ), and this pearl is a small star. The little star pierced through the clouds playfully and said to the moon, “Are you my mother?” The moon said, “Yes, I am your mother. I gave you life, brought you here, and gave it back to you. Warmth and freedom.” Littl… Continue reading

Brave cloth tiger

Lu Xiaomei and Lu Xiaomei were playing outside, and a wasp landed on Lu Xiaomei’s head. “Ah, Hornet!” cried the embarrassing tiger. “Get it down for me!” Lu Xiaomei was a little panicked. “You, you wait!” The tiger wanted to find a small wooden stick, but he couldn’t find it for a while, and he was a little anxious. At this moment… Continue reading

Leopard King Climbing Tree

After the leopard became the king of the forest, he often climbed an ancient tree outside the cave in his spare time. I saw it bowed, stretched out its claws, swish, and climbed up the ancient tree. “Good!” The officials admired for a while. Mao Shangshu and Monkey Governor also climbed the tree one after another, but they seemed very strenuous and frightening. They… Continue reading

There are butterflies in the box

Elephant Pippi has a small box. He often opens the box to take a look and says, “This box is my most beloved baby.” Raccoon Dudu said: “Weird! There are only a few small things in it, why do you treat it as a treasure?” Pippi said: “These little things were given by good friends. What they said to me at the time, I put them in it too! This little f… Continue reading

Mom and Dad in the pocket

The little kangaroo picked many bright flowers, put (ch`) in her little pocket, and brought them home to show her mother. Mom said: “It’s so beautiful!” The little kangaroo was very happy and asked her mother: “The little pocket on my stomach is used for arranging flowers, right?” Mom laughed and said, “It’s not just for arranging flowe… Continue reading

Enthusiastic goat

Goats and white rabbits are playing in the woods. Not far away came the clamor of wolves. The goat and the white rabbit looked at the sound, and saw that the two wolves were inextricably beaten. One wolf shouted: “Today, I have to beat you!” Another wolf howled: “Today, I have to fight you!” The white rabbit said in a panic: “Brother Goat, run!&#82… Continue reading

My lamb

Our family fed a lamb. It is snow-white and has no horns yet. Maybe it doesn’t know this, even though it only has a pair of ears on its head, it still wants to reach (dǐ) people. In the beginning, it even reached me, now it treats me a little better. Maybe it already knows that my name is Wittor and I belong to this family. We love to race and climb together. The little g… Continue reading