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There are butterflies in the box

Elephant Pippi has a small box. He often opens the box to take a look and says, “This box is my most beloved baby.” Raccoon Dudu said: “Weird! There are only a few small things in it, why do you treat it as a treasure?” Pippi said: “These little things were given by good friends. What they said to me at the time, I put them in it too! This little f… Continue reading

Enthusiastic goat

Goats and white rabbits are playing in the woods. Not far away came the clamor of wolves. The goat and the white rabbit looked at the sound, and saw that the two wolves were inextricably beaten. One wolf shouted: “Today, I have to beat you!” Another wolf howled: “Today, I have to fight you!” The white rabbit said in a panic: “Brother Goat, run!&#82… Continue reading

My lamb

Our family fed a lamb. It is snow-white and has no horns yet. Maybe it doesn’t know this, even though it only has a pair of ears on its head, it still wants to reach (dǐ) people. In the beginning, it even reached me, now it treats me a little better. Maybe it already knows that my name is Wittor and I belong to this family. We love to race and climb together. The little g… Continue reading

Gentleman’s mr bear

Mr. Xiong is a stage actor in the theater. His role is a gentleman in a neat suit and bow tie. He is also a gentleman in life, neatly dressed and polite. Two days later, there will be a carnival performance in the city. Mr. Xiong is still acting as a gentleman. Because his costumes are a bit old, he customized a new costume at Miss Lu’s tailor shop. Of course, the style is stil… Continue reading

Where did the hillside go

There is a small hill in front of Little Bear’s house. There are dense woods and green grass on the hillside. The grass is full of colorful wildflowers. There is a clear river beside it. It’s so beautiful! Little Bear often goes to the hillside to play, he likes it here. One day, Bear and his friends went on a trip. They had a great time. Later, Bear said goodbye to… Continue reading

Doodle Mouse: Happiness is all around you

Dudushu is always upset. When the weather is clear, walking in the sun, he would say that the sun is too dazzling. On windy and rainy days, he would say again, this kind of weather really makes people feel uncomfortable. Dudushu hates the birds that sing on the branches in the morning. Seeing the happily singing birds, Dudushu always said: “It’s so noisy, it’s… Continue reading

The radish is back

The snow is so heavy and the weather is so cold that the ground and mountains are covered with snow. The little white rabbit has nothing to eat and is very hungry. He ran out to find it. The little white rabbit looked around and thought: “The snow is so heavy and the weather is so cold. The little monkey must be hungry at home. I found something and went to eat with him.&… Continue reading

Brick house and wood house

The houses in Orange Town are all made of wood. The only exception is the small change leopard that has just moved. Leopard’s family has money, he always has endless pocket money in his pocket. Therefore, his house is built with bricks, which is very impressive. “Haha, your home is not as good as mine!” The coin leopard always said to his classmates like this…. Continue reading

Little Lion Elsa

Elsa the lion was born only two or three days ago, and his mother died. I took it out of the crevices in the rock, stroked it, and fed it with milk powder and a drink made with cod liver oil and glucose. Soon, its small eyes covered with blue film opened, and the watery eyes rolled around. Five months later, it has grown up and is very strong. It never leaves me, and sleeps wit… Continue reading

Car Story: The Green Monster

The woods after the rain are the most fun, everyone knows this. As soon as the rain stopped, the bus loaf came to the woods. She hit a tree lightly, and the raindrops on the leaves fell on her forehead, cool. Then, the loaf hugged the tree and shook it vigorously, and then quickly flashed aside, the raindrops crackled and fell down, which was really fun. After the loaf shook on… Continue reading

The story of the clouds

All clouds will be deformed. Some clouds can only make a few simple changes, such as becoming a sheep or a lion; some clouds can transform themselves into dozens or hundreds of forms. The cloud in our story is very remarkable in this respect, as long as it is willing, it can turn itself into any kind of appearance. Moreover, no matter what it becomes, it looks so happy. Because… Continue reading

Little fox watching the sea

The little fox listened to the eagles traveling around the world saying that the sunrise on the beach was beautiful. He would like to visit with friends. But who are you going with? Little fox thinks about it, even a good friend can’t think of it. The little fox feels lonely to be a bad person because he has no friends. Therefore, he wanted to reform and be a good boy. Th… Continue reading

What shoes should Feng’er wear

Elephant’s father runs a shoe factory, and the elephant gave each of his friends a pair of shoes: the little rabbit’s are Dinglingdingling shoes, the little bear’s are patter shoes, and the little hedgehog’s are khacha khacha shoes. The little elephant said to his friends: “Next time, when you come to my house to play, you will knock on the door first, and then slam on th… Continue reading

Apple fell asleep

Go back home and wash your hands. The baby rat has dinner with his mother. It’s getting dark, and the baby rat is going to sleep. Lying on the bed, the baby rat smelled a tempting apple scent. “Mom, I want to eat an apple.” “Go to sleep! Good boy, Apple is already asleep.” Papa, papa! Baby Mouse wants to see if Apple is really asleep. On the plate,… Continue reading