Baby Egg Series Story

The birth of Ma Li Xiula baby

When Baby Egg and Baby Duck Egg were still little Maotou, their parents already knew each other.

They grew up day by day and got married.

One day, Baby Egg picked up a blue seed in the shape of a five-pointed star, and she planted the seed in the soil of their yard. The egg baby waters and fertilizes the seeds every day. The seed became a small blue seedling.

The egg baby waters and fertilizes the seedlings every day. Xiao Miao Miao turned into a five-pointed star-shaped tree.

The baby egg is watering and fertilizing the tree every day. The tree became smaller, the leaves fell, and its trunk and branches slowly turned blue.

It didn’t take long for it to become a blue solid like a five-pointed star.

Then, Baby Egg named the blue solid Baby Ma Li Xiula. This is the birth of Ma Li Xiula.

Egg baby and her house

In the beautiful kingdom of Europe, there are some lovely people.

The baby duck is the father, the baby egg is the mother, and the baby Maurizura is their child.

On a sunny morning, the baby duck egg is walking leisurely on the grass, and the baby egg is making breakfast.

For some reason, the smell of smoke in the room was too strong. The baby egg opened the window and took a few breaths of fresh air.

Baby Egg said happily: “What a refreshing day!”

Baby Maurizura, who lives in the attic, is playing with toys. When he heard the baby egg, he opened the window and took a few breaths of fresh air.

Baby Ma Li Xiula also said happily: “What a refreshing day!”

Egg baby pillow

Baby duck eggs are very good at sewing things.

One day, he sewed a pillow in the shape of an egg to Ma Li Xiu La.

Ma Li Xiula sleeps soundly and comfortably on the egg-shaped pillow.

Baby Ma Li Xiula woke up at half past one. He immediately got up, washed his face, brushed his teeth, had breakfast, changed shoes, and was about to go out.

Baby Egg’s alarm clock rang.

Baby Egg is weird, hey, what about Baby Horse Xiula?

It turns out that Ma Li Xiula has already got up.

The egg baby asked Ma Li Xiula: “brush-teeth-la -”

Ma Li Xiula said: “Early-just-brush-over-la -”

Baby Egg said: “Wash-face-la -”

Baby Ma Li Xiula said: “Early-just-wash-over-la -”

The baby egg said: “Eat—meal—la—”

Ma Li Xiula said: “Morning-just-eat-passed-la -”

Baby Egg yelled again: “Change—shoes—la—”

Ma Li Xiula said: “Early-just-change-ok-la -”

As a result, the egg baby brushes his teeth, washes his face, eats, and changes shoes.

At that time, Ma Li Xiula had already gone out to play.

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