Baby Elephant Adventure (Airboat Tour)

Today the protagonist is the little elephant brother, one is the pink little elephant sister with a big bow; the other is the light blue little elephant brother.

Airboat tour

The weather was fine one day, and the two decided to take a boat trip, and their mother prepared bananas for them. And asked to go home early.

Two little elephants got on the boat one after another.

The siblings steered one by one and the other looked at the distance, and the red bows floated up.

Drive on, boom! The ship is broken! (⊙ o ⊙) Ah!

The two were busy sniffing the water in the boat, and then sprayed the water back into the sea.

In this way, they returned to the shore smoothly.

After repairing the ship, return to the sea. The two ate bananas on the way home. At this time, the red bow floated again.

How could the ship break? It turns out that my sister is asleep, hahaha!

The younger brother said something like this: “It’s indeed what you can do with my sister.” How cute!

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