Baby pig as a policeman

You see, the traffic policeman on the safety island is so proud. He stood there straight and waved his arms to direct traffic: for a while, the car on the left, gas car, go; the car on the right, stop; for a while, the car on the south, it’s all about him!

“Yes, I also want to be a policeman.” Baby Pig thought so.

When Mother Pig took him to the mall to buy clothes, Baby Pig had a beautiful police uniform. The salesman just put him on the police uniform, the baby pig turned around and ran away quickly.

Mother Pig had to pay the money quickly.

The baby pig ran and ran, and ran to the haha ​​amusement park in one breath. There is a bumper car playground in the haha ​​amusement park, and the baby pig stands straight in the middle of the playground, really becoming a policeman.

The baby pig is so smart, he learned all of the traffic police’s command and action.

The baby pig directs traffic decently: the bumper car on the left, go; the bumper car on the right, stop; the bumper car in front, go; the bumper car in the back, stop.

Strangely, none of the bumper cars listened to him.

“This is a bumper car, no traffic police.”

“Against chaotic command!”

“Bumper cars, bumper cars, it’s not fun not to touch them.”

Everyone drove a beautiful bumper car, you touch me, I touch you, have fun. There was a kid who treated the baby pig as a bumper car, and drove him to the ground with his bumper car.

The baby pig got up from the ground, just in time for mother pig to catch up.

Baby Pig jumped into an empty bumper car and yelled to Mother Pig: “Mom, I’m not a policeman, and I want to drive a bumper car. You pay for a ticket!”

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