Bad memory

In a city, there is a little girl named Yadan.

Every day when her mother greeted her “Yadan, Yadan”, it was like greeting a duck’s egg.

The little girl didn’t like this name, but who told her to be the little girl born to her mother, and the baby egg of her mother.

A little girl with a baby egg, isn’t it a “baby egg”?

In her mother’s eyes, Yadan is a very beautiful and smart girl, but she has a bad problem and her memory is terrible. She can’t remember her birthday or how old she is. Mom taught her the ballads every night, and by the next morning, she had forgotten them all.

“What a shit who has a terrible memory!” Mom always sighed like that.

It was a hot summer morning, and my mother was going out. Mother said to Yadan: “There are cold drinks in the refrigerator and iced watermelon. Don’t eat too much. If you eat too much, it will cause stomach trouble…”

“Remember, Yadan?”

“Remember.” But who is it? Know if she remembered.

Yadan was alone in the house, she was very lonely. At this moment, she heard a noise outside the door.

Yadan opened the door and saw a fat little seal sitting on the steps in front of her house. The seal with spots all over his body was happy when he saw

the girl. He said: “I found it, I found it, I found a very beautiful and perhaps smart girl!”

“Who sent you here? Me Am I pretty? Am I smart?”

“You are very beautiful, and you won’t know whether you are smart or not. I sent myself here.”

“How did I send it?” The girl felt strange.

The little seal told Yadan that he lives in the ice and snow in the frigid zone. In their seal world, there is a secret, as long as anyone sees a block of ice cracking into the shape of a five-pointed star and immediately makes a wish, this wish will come true.

“Today, I was playing on ice with a few partners, and suddenly I found a piece of ice cracked into a five-pointed star shape. I immediately made a wish: Let me be friends with a beautiful and smart girl. No, I just Come to your door…”

Yadan is very happy to have this little guest from the ice and snow. She brought the guests into the house.

Although the air conditioner was on in the living room, the little seal kept yelling: “It’s too hot, it’s too hot, I’m going to have heat stroke!”

It was useless for Yadan to keep fanning him.

The seal said: “No wonder mom said, don’t leave your hometown, you will be too hot outside.”

“What should I do?”

“Although I am willing to stay by your side and want to be with you all the time, it is so hot. I can’t stand the weather in China.” The little seal gasped and said, “Are there any ice cubes cracked into the shape of a five-pointed star here? I want to make a wish and go back soon.”

“I also like you to stay by my side. Besides, I can’t find ice cubes cracked into the shape of a five-pointed star for you…”

Yadan turned her head and saw the refrigerator in the corner of the house. She said:

“Little seal, you go to the refrigerator to hide, wait for me to find a way. Okay?”

” Okay .” Little Seal said, “I believe you are a clever girl with a way, and I am willing to be with you.”

Yadan quickly opened the refrigerator door and took out the cold drinks and watermelon inside. Make room for seals. The little seal quickly climbed into the refrigerator. He took a breath of the cold air and said,

“It’s so comfortable!”

Yadan closed the door of the refrigerator, and she thought: What if my mother comes back and finds the little seal? She will definitely send the seal to the zoo.

Besides, the refrigerator is too small, and the seal will not be comfortable there. Yadan looked at the melting cold drink on the table, she used her brain to find a way.

Yadan first ate a piece of sorbet that was beginning to soften, but couldn’t figure out a way; she ate a box of ice cream that was about to turn into porridge, but hadn’t figured out a way; then, she ate two more pieces and slowly became hot The ice watermelon…

“Yes!” Yadan jumped up suddenly, she opened the door and went straight to the neighbor’s house.

It turned out that on the three-story attic of the old house next to Yadan, there lived a fat witch-grandfather. She knew all kinds of magic. Yadan once asked her to make a small doll for herself.

Yadan stood panting in front of the witch grandma, who was reading a thick magic book.

“Grandma, please help me turn the baby seal in the refrigerator into a flannel baby seal so that he can stay with me all the time.”

“Yes.” The witch grandma pushed the thick glass on her face. “Is he willing?”

“The little seal is willing to stay with me all the time.” Yadan said, “but if one day the little seal misses his hometown, I happen to find another ice cube cracked in the shape of a five-pointed star, you Can the seal be changed back and let him go home again?”

“I think so.” The witch grandma closed the magic book in her hand and said, “but now you have to change it yourself. I can’t leave this room. I can teach You recite the spell.”

“Can I remember it?”

“If you want to keep your cute little seal friend by your side, I think you can remember it.”

“Yes, I will remember it.” This Shi’s girl completely forgot that she was a little girl with a terrible memory.

Yadan listened to the witch grandma chanting the spell again.

“It’s so hard to read.” Yadan said, “like a foreign language that is difficult to understand.”

“This was originally an ancient spell from an ancient country that has long since disappeared. It is very effective.” The witch grandma finished speaking and taught Yadan to read. After several times, Yadan quickly remembered.

Ah eggs ran home, up against the refrigerator to read:

Qi Qi in the fall,

microphone in what Loo,

Ami Mani goo off Kiki,

Ao Lida east – Guarda melon ……

finished a series of spells, Ah The egg said, “Change, change, change!” She just wanted to open the refrigerator to see if the spell she was chanting was correct or not working well. At this moment, she also chanted the spell in her stomach-Gu Li Gulu …

It turns out that the cold drink she had just eaten was causing trouble in her stomach. Yadan rushed into the bathroom, threw most of the cold drink in her stomach into the toilet, and she hurried out again. At this time, my mother came back, and when she saw the ice cream boxes and watermelon rinds on the table, she cried out:

“Yadan, what did I tell you? Your memory is terrible!”

“Mom, I couldn’t help eating them.” Yadan opened the refrigerator door and saw a small flannel sitting inside. seal. Yadan picked up the seal with a soft body and no longer afraid of heat.

“Where did the little seal come from, what do you put in the refrigerator?”

“This is a secret…” As soon as the girl finished speaking, she heard her belly chanting spells again, and she hurried in with her beloved little seal. In the bathroom, she threw the remaining half of the cold drink into the toilet.

At this moment, my mother walked by the bathroom door and heard that Yadan was singing a strange ballad to her flannel seal: Qiliqiluo, Milimalu, Amimani Guluoqiqi…

Mom said to the bathroom :

“? ah egg, you give the baby seals sing what song it ‘

!” old songs an ancient nation, ” ”

can you remember this strange songs it? ” ”

it “Yadar said loudly,” I am! Smart girl with a great memory, don’t you think, little seal?”

Yadan heard the little seal say: “Yes!”

She wondered if her mother heard this.

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