Bear on duty

Today is the bear’s day.

After cleaning the classroom, he walked to the window, trying to close the window. Suddenly, someone downstairs shouted: “Little Bear, come and play!” Little Bear is a football fan. When he heard the call of his good friend Monkey, he hurried downstairs. The little friends played until dark before going home, and the little bear had already forgotten everything that hadn’t been done for the windows.

The next day, Little Bear went to school and walked into the classroom. There were many students around the window. The two pieces of glass on the window were broken. Little Bear then remembered that he forgot to close the window yesterday, and the strong wind at night had broken the glass.

Teacher Kangaroo came over and asked, “Who was on duty yesterday?”

“Teacher, I was on duty yesterday.” Little Bear blushed and said, “I blame the monkey. He told me to play football, so I forgot to close the window…”

Teacher Kangaroo said: “Xiao Xiong, you are already a primary school student, so be brave enough to take responsibility. If you forget to close the windows, how can you blame others for your mistakes?”

Little Xiong said embarrassedly: “Teacher, I was wrong, I shouldn’t be playful.”

Kangaroo teacher said: “It is a good boy to admit mistakes. Okay, let’s clean the ground together!”

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