Beibei’s pimple

Beibei always thought that she was no different from other friends.

In the beginning, everyone was round eggs, and then they grew long tails and became tadpoles. The tadpoles grow bigger and bigger. They gave birth to four legs, took off their long tails, and took off their black coats. They could swim, climb, and hop around. At this time, their names were Frogs.

The appearance of frogs is also different. Some of them are wearing green clothes and some are wearing yellow coats. Only Beibei’s body is green and not green, black and not black, and she can’t tell what color it is, and she always feels a little dirty. He always washes and washes in water, but still can’t change the color.

Later, Beibei’s body began to itch, so he jumped onto the mud by the river and rubbed it. Now the trouble is big, and there are many small bumps on his body.

“Oh, oops! The dirt must have got into your skin, I’ll help you rub it.” Beibei’s good friend Lududu said, helping Beibei rub it up. But it’s useless, those little bumps are getting bigger and bigger.

“What’s the matter?” Beibei said angrily with her big eyes. Lu Dudu thought for a while, and whispered: “I see, these little bumps on your body are full of anger-anger when you are angry, sigh when you are sad, resentment towards others… It didn’t fit inside, so it all emerged from the body.”

Beibei thinks it makes sense. It seems that she is too angry and must be let go. He tried his best to adjust his emotions so that he didn’t get angry and didn’t let any gas in his stomach, but those little bumps continued to grow up.

“Toad [chán chú] mother is looking for a child!” The news spread across the frogs. When Lu Dudu and Bei Bei saw Mother Toad, they all understood that Beibei was not a frog, but a toad! Beibei looked the same as Mother Toad, covered in small bumps.

“Welcome home!” The little toads greeted Beibei to return to the team. Beibei touched the little bumps on her body and smiled. “The little bumps on your body are so beautiful!” A toad came over and said. For the first time, Beibei seriously appreciates the little bumps on her body. They are bulging and not ugly.

From then on, Beibei slowly fell in love with these little bumps. He often said proudly: “I am a toad, not a frog. If you can’t tell the difference, please look at my little bumps.”

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