Bench dog

A small bench forgot to put it in the house. When the night came, it stood alone at the gate of the courtyard, stretched around, looking to the west, holding a piece of fluffy grass, and throwing it behind him.

The fluffy grass landed steadily on its “back” and shook from side to side. It looked like a puppy, with its tail wagging constantly.

The little white dog Stinky hadn’t fallen asleep yet, when he heard the sound of “簌簌簌簌”, he opened one eye.

At the gate of the courtyard, a little thing ran back and forth.

Smelly curiously pressed his nose against the open door and ran out.

The small bench wagged his tail at Smelly, very enthusiastic, and Smelly stared at it for a long time. Strange, when I first looked at it, it was a small bench; after staring at the shaking fluffy grass for a while, it turned into a puppy!

The bench dog took the lead and ran towards the entrance of the village, turning around from time to time to squeak the smelly “squeaky”.

Smelly followed hesitantly, his little paws stepped on the soft soil illuminated by the moonlight, and it took a while to feel very good.

Smelly and the bench dog chased me across the river pond, ran across the short yellow soil courtyard wall, and ran under the big willow tree at the entrance of the village. The small bench stopped and shouted at the willow tree.

The big willow tree bent down, hugged the small bench with its branches, and threw it up into the sky with a light throw.

The bench dog hung on the stars all at once. It glided between the stars, and then landed steadily on the branches of the big willow.

Smelly was watching enviously, and suddenly the green branches hugged it and threw it into the night sky.

From the night sky, the village is so beautiful. Stinky stretched out a small arm to embrace the cold star and looked down.

Tic-Tac-shaped farmland, river ponds full of lotus flowers, ocher roads and courtyard walls, the fluffy grass sings in a low voice in his sleep… As you watched, the little paw slipped, and it suddenly fell off.

It was a small box that caught it. Strangely, there are small cupboards, small cupboards, and long bars beside it, and the bench dog is the most enjoyable jumper, the small and extremely lively bench.

These wooden furniture all call the big willow tree mother.

The big willow tree supported them, tossed and tossed them, they were like in a playground, smelly followed them for a whole night. The next day, the morning sun was shining hot on her body, Stinky opened her eyes and found herself lying in a familiar den. It hurried out of the yard to look at the small bench, which was still standing at the door, but

It’s motionless. Smelly rubbed his eyes, thinking hard with his little head. Under the feet of the small bench, there was a fluffy grass. Smelly seeing it, finally nodded in satisfaction and went back to the yard. It was definitely not a dream last night. Smelly saw that the fluffy fluff was still stained with the starlight of last night.

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