Big-headed son

At the grandparents’ house, the oldest son raised a big rooster and a big hen. The rooster and hens raised by the older son go to the grove to eat insects every day, and grow fat and strong. The chickens of other people also go to the woods to peck, but they are not as strong as the roosters and hens raised by the big-headed sons.

From a distance, a proud big black cock and a white and fat big hen are so beautiful. Many people came to the city, all wanting to buy chicken from the big-headed son’s house.

On this day, a fat uncle appeared. This was the tenth person who wanted to buy chicken.

The big fat uncle said: “I’m going to buy these two chickens.” The

big-headed son said: “If I don’t sell it or not, I won’t sell it. I have said it ten times and I will not sell it!” The

uncle said to the big-headed son, ” Sell it for Uncle! I’ll pay one hundred yuan.” The

big-headed son said, “I won’t sell it.”

The uncle said again, “I…I’ll pay two hundred yuan.” The

big-headed son said angrily: Sell ​​it! I won’t sell it if you pay 10,000 yuan!” The

big-headed son hugged the big cock and big hen angrily and went home.

But this uncle was not reconciled. He liked the big cock and big hen of his big-headed son so much. He ran to the grandparents of the older son again.

He found the grandmother of the big-headed son, and said to grandma: “Grandma, you see that your cock and hen are raised so well. I have never seen two chickens so fat. This time I decided to pay 500 yuan. How is it? You can buy another fifty chickens at the price that I paid. ”

Grandma listened, oops, five hundred yuan, so much! So grandma moved with a snack, and thought: I have to ask my grandson if I can sell it!

Bulk of his son insisted: “I do not sell, I do not sell who are not allowed to put my big cock and hen bought big!!”

Fat uncle and took my grandfather said: “Grandpa Grandpa, you put the hen rooster sold Me!”

“Don’t sell, don’t sell! Just don’t sell!”

At this moment, the big cock shit on the fat uncle’s leather shoes. The big-headed son is happy: “Hahaha, you see, you want to buy a big cock and hen, but he poops for you, and he doesn’t like you and doesn’t want to go with you.”

Everyone looked at this uncle’s leather shoes. Soaking chicken shit, they all laughed together. The fat uncle gave up and had to leave. Unexpectedly, when it was time for dinner, the fat uncle came again. “Dangdang,” he knocked on the door.

“Come on, I’ll open the door, I’m the fat uncle!” The

big-headed son didn’t open the door for him, and the fat uncle was happy.

“Oh, big-headed son, seeing that you like this rooster and hen so much, uncle was moved by you. Uncle didn’t come to buy chickens. Look, I brought a camera. Today, I came to your house, just talk to you My cock and the hen took a photo, and I was satisfied.” The

big-headed son was very happy when he heard that, so he invited his uncle into the house. Finally, the fat uncle took a picture with the cock and the hen, and he achieved his wish.

The big-headed son really likes this rooster and hen, right?

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