Big ships and small motorboats

A small motorboat sails on the sea. A big ship “boom and boom” came up from behind.

The big steamer said to the small motorboat with an aura: “Little man, you are running too slow!”

The little steamboat said politely: “Big brother, you run so fast!”

“As slow as you, when can you reach the harbor?”

The big ship yelled “Woo” and drove forward triumphantly. The waves it set off made the small motorboat bumpy.

Soon, the big steamer arrived at the mouth of the harbor. Due to the shallow water level in the harbour and the deep draft of the large ships, they could not enter and had to drop anchor and wait until the high tide to enter the port.

At this time, the small motorboat came up from behind.

The little steamboat asked the big ship: “Big brother, why did you stop? Why didn’t you enter the port?”

The big steamer shook his head and said frustratedly: “The water level in this harbor is shallow, I can’t get in! I have to wait until the tide is high before I can get in.”

The small motorboat still said politely: “I am small and I am not afraid of shallow water. I have entered the port. Goodbye!”

The big ship watched eagerly as the small motorboat sailed into the harbor “suddenly”. It felt embarrassed to think of laughing at the small motorboat just now.

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