Big white goose and little white duck

The big white goose loves to dress up, with its white feathers and red crown, it walks swaggering around, just like a proud prince.

One day, the big white goose ran into the little white duck, and the little white duck said: “Brother Goose, you are so handsome, I want to be friends with you!”

The big white goose curled his lips and said, “Go go, you ugly thing, hurry up and go far.”

After hearing this, the little white duck walked away disappointedly. The big white goose then walked forward and accidentally fell into the mud.

The big white goose flapped its wings and shouted: “Help! Help!” The little white duck ran over when he heard the call for help, and pulled the big white goose vigorously.

The big white goose is no longer proud, and it has become good friends with the little white duck.

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