Bird’s new home

While playing outside, Fangfang saw an injured bird. The bird’s wings were badly injured and its head was drooping. So Fangfang picked her back, took medicine, fed her food, and took good care of her. In a few days, the bird will be fine. “But how can the little bird live without a home?” Thinking of this, Fangfang decided to make a nest for the little bird.

So Fangfang called a good friend Xiaojun and explained the situation to him. He was very willing to help Fangfang, and together they made a nest for the little bird.

They found the carton box, cut the carton box with scissors, and made it into the shape of a house, and then wrapped it firmly with scotch tape, so that the house could be sheltered from wind and rain. Then they made a door for the bird’s new house. They used scissors to cut an arched opening on the side of the house so that the bird could easily enter and leave the house. On Xiaojun’s suggestion, they found paint to add color to Xiaoniao’s new home. Will the bird stay in it cold? While thinking about it, Fangfang went outside to find a handful of hay and spread a thick layer on the bottom.

In this way, the little bird has its own home. They put the little bird in the newly made nest, and then put the nest made by them on a big tree in the yard of Fangfang’s house. .

Seeing the birds happily living in their new home, they were extremely happy!

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