Blossoming witch who wants to be beautiful

Duo Duo witch is a little witch. She wants to be beautiful, and she wants to have a mother.

On this day, she hid under the school stage, listening to the children singing happy songs.

A little girl’s crisp singing sounded: “Where is spring…”

The little girl’s voice is very nice. Listen, listen, Duo Duo can’t help poking out his head from under the stage.

The children found the ugly and ugly Duo Witch, and ran away screaming in horror.

But Cher did not run away.

Ah, so beautiful! Duo Duo Wu looked up and down Cher.

“Are you a Wind Elf?” Xue’er said with big eyes flashing when she heard the sound of Duowuwu’s breathing.

Duo Duo Wu found that Cher was blind, and a bad idea came to his mind.

“Yeah, little beauty.” Duo Duo Wu said with a squeezing voice, “you sing so good songs!”

“I want to sing spring, the doctor said, when spring comes, my mother’s illness will be cured.”

Duo Duo Wu thought, her mother must be very good to Cher, and the child who is Cher’s mother must be very happy.

So, she took out the magic wand, clicked on Cher, and clicked on herself again.

Something magical happened! Duo Duo Wu became Xue’er’s appearance, and Xue’er, of course, became Duo Duo’s ugly appearance.

“Go home, I will blow spring over soon!” Duo Duo Wu said with a smile.

The ugly Xueer went home happily. Duo Duo Wu came to the lake and saw herself in Cher’s appearance. She was so beautiful that she couldn’t help but dance.

“Mom! Spring is coming soon!” When Xueer opened the door, her mother was too frightened to fall off the bed.

“Mom, what’s the matter with you?” Xueer asked anxiously, scratching in the air with both hands blankly.

“Youkai! Youkai!” Mom cried.

The neighbors who heard the sound blasted Cher out.

Xueer didn’t understand why her mother treated her as a monster, but she didn’t want her mother to be frightened again, so she had to hide in the field behind the house and sang “Where is Spring” over and over again.

After a while, Xueer heard her mother’s surprise call: “My Xueer, you are back! Come, mother hug!”

Then, Cher heard the voice of her mother hugging others. It was Duo Duo Wu that mother embraced no one else, she was holding her throat imitating Cher’s speech.

Cher’s heart cracked. She knew she was deceived.

Duo Duo Wu and Cher’s mother live together. Soon, the real spring came, and my mother’s illness recovered.

Cher was very comforted. She has been lurking in the field behind the house, caring about her mother with her ears and her nose.

One day, Duo Duo Wu was picking mushrooms in the field with a basket, and Xue Er smelled the “wind spirit”.

“Hey, how is my mother?” Xueer asked softly.

“It’s very good, it’s so happy to be her daughter.” Duo Duo Wu said proudly.

“You do another witchcraft, I know you are a witch.” Xue Er pleaded, “Change our voices, if you show your true voice, it will scare my mother.”

“Okay, I was too anxious last time and forgot to change the voice.” After speaking, Duo Duo Wu exchanged voices with Xue Er.

“Also, you have to be behaved and don’t make your mother angry…” Xueer reminded.

Suddenly, a big black bull rushed towards them. Xueer pushed aside Duo Witch abruptly, but she was hit by the black bull (dǐ) on the big tree.

“Ah!” Duo Duo Wu was stunned by this scene, “Why are you saving me? Don’t you hate me for taking your mother?”

“In order to keep my mother from losing her daughter. I don’t hate you at all. You make my mother have a very happy life!” Xueer said with tears.

Hearing this, Duo Duo began to cry.

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