Blue Fox: a box of singing

On this day, the blue fox was lying on the grass and heard the nice singing of the little birds in the distance. “I have to invent a sound-absorbing box,” he thought, “suck in a good sound.” He experimented many times in the laboratory, and he made a colorful sound-absorbing box.

“Sound-absorbing box?” The little animals heard it and thought it was so interesting, so they rushed to buy them one by one.

The blue fox said to everyone seriously: “This box can only suck one sound, you must choose your favorite sound to suck it!”

Little Hua Duck quackly ran into the river, sucking up the laughter of the river. She always thought it was the most beautiful sound, and she always wanted to sleep with such laughter and dream every night.

The little squirrel crawled back to the tree hole squeaky. His favorite sound was the rustling of leaves. Now, he can inhale this nice sound and give it to a good friend in the distance.

The little bird is chirping up to the sky, she wants to suck the whispers of the cloud…

As the little hedgehog walked, he thought: I want to suck the sound of dewdrops falling; I want to suck the sound of fish swimming; I want to suck the sound of crackling and mature; I want to suck… “But, “The little hedgehog thought of it all of a sudden,” The blue fox said that he can only suck one sound. What should I do?”

Holding the colorful sound-absorbing box in front, the little hedgehog walked to the blind mother-in-law’s small yard.

“Mother-in-law, what sound do you like best?” Little Hedgehog asked.

The blind mother-in-law laughed: “Little hedgehog, are you here? I like all the sounds. I like to listen to the sound of flowers blooming, and listen to the fragrance of the house; I like to listen to the sound of trees beckoning, listening Listen, there is the shade of a tree; I like to hear the sound of mountain chestnuts laughing, smiling, and there is a wild chestnut…”

Listening to these wonderful voices of the blind mother-in-law, there seemed to be vivid and beautiful pictures in front of the little hedgehog… Ah, although the blind mother-in-law couldn’t see it, she painted all the scenes in her heart. When I came down, it was all because of the sounds. These sounds can help her draw the most beautiful scenery!

“However,” the blind mother-in-law came back to her senses, and hugged the little hedgehog. “My favorite thing is to hear your voice. Every time you speak, I feel warm in my heart, and children come to see me again. Me, another child is coming to listen to my story…”

Hearing these words, an idea suddenly appeared in the little hedgehog’s mind: “Mother-in-law, can you teach me to imitate sounds? You teach me, how does your favorite bird sing? Your favorite mountain chestnut is How do you laugh? How does your favorite creek make trouble… You teach me all, okay?”

“Okay, okay!” The blind mother-in-law smiled, “I’m really happy about this. Let me think about the happiest time over and over again!”

The little hedgehog was happy, and learned every sound very hard.

Back home, the little hedgehog began to string each sound into a song, the name was “Song for the Blind Granny”. After the little hedgehog had practiced many times, he opened the sound-absorbing box and sang over and over again, until the light on the box changed from green to red, which meant that he had absorbed the music before he stopped.

“Mother-in-law, mother-in-law,” the little hedgehog hurried to the blind mother-in-law’s house the next morning, “the sound-absorbing box I gave you, you can hear my voice as soon as you open it, as if I have been with you all the time! ”

“Ah!” The blind mother-in-law opened the sound-absorbing box, and the beautiful songs, no, the beautiful pictures, just opened one by one in her heart…

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