Bowl house

The four little mice went out to play and came to a place where birds and flowers fragrant. “It’s so scented!” The second mouse Wenwen smelled a scent. Is it a strong floral fragrance? It seems not. Is it an intoxicating pie? It doesn’t seem to be. What kind of scent is that? “Bowl! It’s a big bowl!” Rat boss Huihui pointed his eyes.

Oh, what a big bowl! The fragrance comes out of this big bowl. The little mice found the branches, put them on the four sides of the big bowl, and crawled into the big bowl. It turned out that the big bowl was filled with sweet honey. The four little mice were greedy, so they ate up half of the bowl of honey.

“Huh? Where’s my honey?” A big bear suddenly appeared in front of the little mice. The mice were so scared that they wanted to crawl out of the big bowl, but they climbed up and slid down. They had to wait for the big bear to “punish” They are.

The big bear likes these little mice very much, so he gave them a big bowl.

The little mice stepped on the edge of the big bowl like a barrel of oil. The big bowl was like a wheel, rolling forward quickly.

Suddenly, the big bowl hit the big tree and buckled upside down on the ground, buckling all the four little mice in the big bowl. There was black rumbling in the big bowl, and nothing could be seen, and the little mice pushed hard but couldn’t move. At the critical moment, the rat boss Huihui gave an order: “Brothers, let’s burrow into the ground!”

“Brother Mouse, you see, Wanwu!” The old four Qingqing pointed at the large upside-down bowl, the beautiful lace resembling the flowers planted in front of the house.

The Rat brothers chiseled doors and windows on the big bowl, and installed stairs outside. When it rains, the bottom of the bowl is still a nice swimming pool!

From then on, the little mice lived happily!

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