Boy who turned into a cricket

In ancient times, there was an emperor who loved cricket fighting. However, the flowers in the imperial garden are too fragrant and there are too few bugs to raise strong crickets.

In order to get the best fighting crickets in the world, the emperor issued an imperial decree: “The governors of the prefectures, before the Dragon Boat Festival, must pay tribute to three super crickets, otherwise they will be dismissed and investigated.”

What is a super cricket? There is an unwritten rule, ten victories and ten victories unscathed, is a first-class cricket; a hundred victories and unscathed, is a super cricket.

In this way, the task of finding super crickets was dispatched layer by layer, from the state capital to the county seat, from the county seat to the township, and finally to Zhucheng Village, the head of Zhutong Village.

Zhu Cheng has no power to bind chickens. He is an authentic nerd who can neither bear the cricket tax nor ask the villagers to pay crickets. How to do it? He sighed day and night, wrinkles sunken with worry.

I wish you fame, there was a boy who was 11 years old at the time. He loved the wilderness and was extremely stubborn.

Seeing that his parents were helpless, the boy patted his chest and said, “It’s no big deal. It’s just a small cricket. I’ll catch one.” When

he said to catch it, the boy went to the foot of the mountain, leaned on the side of the river, and ran to the deserted one. At the Great Buddha Temple, following the sound of the crickets, they found the cricket’s cave, poured the water, waited for the crickets to emerge, covered it with a small net bag, and quickly caught 10 crickets. One of them has a golden head and a purple back. It has become a first-class cricket. The boy named it “Jidi”.

Brother Ji was sent to the county seat, and the county grandfather took a look and praised it: “This cricket looks handsome and has a sweet sound. It’s a high-quality celebrity! You can’t see real kung fu if you don’t fight, let’s fight.”

When talking about fighting, brother Ji fought against the county champion Xie Keqing. In 30 rounds of the battle, both were injured. Xie Jianqing broke his forelimb, and Ji brother didn’t get any benefit and broke his hind leg.

The county grandfather was furious and hit Zhucheng Ming’s thirty board, and ordered him to hand in another cricket.

Zhu Chengming returned home, tears of sorrow, and all of his hair and beard turned pale overnight.

The boy warmed up a bowl of wine for his father to drink, comforting him: “It’s no big deal, it’s just a little cricket. I’ll go catch another one.”

Speaking of catching, the boy went to the foot of the mountain, leaned on the side of the river, and ran to the deserted Big Buddha Temple. Following the sound of the crickets, he found the cricket’s cave, poured the water, and waited for the cricket to emerge, and used a small net. Guy, quickly caught another 10 crickets. One of them was black and shiny, and had ten victories, becoming a first-class cricket. The boy named it “Little Black”.

Xiao Hei was sent to the prefectural government. The prefect saw it and praised it: “Although this cricket is small in size, it is agile and flexible. “When you

talk about fighting, you fight. Xiao Hei played against the state champion Kylin King. After sixty rounds of the battle, both sides were injured. The Kylin King severed his head and Xiao Hei didn’t get any benefits, and he folded his waist.

The prefect was furious and hit Zhucheng Ming’s sixty board, and ordered him to hand in another cricket. If he can’t match the Qilin King, he will be better off dead.

Zhu Chengming came home, lying on a bamboo bed and couldn’t get up for three days and three nights. The boy brought the meal to the bed, and Zhu Cheng was so fame that he was groaning and said, “What’s the point of being alive? It’s good to be dead.” , But stumbled over the threshold and bumped his head to the ground, unconscious.

Zhu Chengming was deeply saddened and struggling to stand up despite his injuries. The couple picked up their son, put it on the wooden bed, and kept crying all night.

The next day, at dawn, the boy finally opened his eyes, but his eyes were dull, his expression wilted, he couldn’t speak a word, and he lost his spirit.

Seeing that his son has become a useless person, it is impossible to catch a super cricket. Zhu Cheng’s heart is like a knife cut, his eyes are pitch black, and the whole person seems to be immersed in desperate cold ink. He paced to the half-dry well in front of the door, and was about to jump down. With a rush, he saw a small cricket lying on the Chaoyan flower along the edge of the well. The black was filled with gold and red, and his head was smaller than Xiao Hei. Half, dull and dull, as if made of stone. Suddenly, it “tweeted” and jumped onto the back of Zhu Chengming’s neck. Zhu Chengming was taken aback, stretched his hand to his neck, grabbed the little cricket, and flicked it to the ground. At that time, the sun was rising, and a big rooster was looking for food along the well. Seeing a black bug fell on the ground, he stepped forward quickly, stretched his mouth and pecked, and the cricket bounced and jumped onto the chicken’s head. Yizheng leaned on the comb, biting down firmly, and did not relax.

The big cock was terrified, jumping, barking, turning over, and rolling, but it still couldn’t get rid of the little cricket. Zhu Chengming was eager to see, hugged the rooster, caught the cricket, raised it in the best green bamboo cage, fed it with good crab meat and golden broken corn, and gave it a name, called “Little” Golden Dragon”.

Not long after, the little golden dragon was sent to the palace. The emperor looked at it with disgust on his face: “What? It’s small and woody, can it beat my pansy?” When

it comes to fighting, Xiao Jinlong will fight against the cricket’s second-most pansy. After fighting for only 3 rounds, the little golden dragon jumped up, jumped onto the top of the pansy’s head, and bit her tightly. In an instant, the pansy wilted.

The emperor was ecstatic and let the little golden dragon fight the cricket champion Bai Huxing for 10 rounds. The little golden dragon bounced high and looked at the timing. He landed on the white tiger star’s back and bit tightly, with his tail fins raised high. , As if to become a chic knight.

Bai Huxing was uncomfortable, carrying a little golden dragon, running left and right, rushing up and down, just like performing a lion dance in the New Year’s Day, the big lion danced with the little lion on his back for fun.

The emperor’s music was broken, and he ordered the two crickets to be separated, and the little golden dragon was kept in the newly built pure gold cage.

Since then, Xiao Jinlong has been named the top cricket champion and has become the brightest star among crickets. The most bizarre thing is that whenever he hears the sound of the piano, the little golden dragon will dance to the music. Its dancing posture is exquisite and interesting, which can make people forget their sorrows.

The emperor’s love for the cricket little golden dragon surpassed the most beautiful concubine. He commended the state officials who paid tribute to the little golden dragon and rewarded him with gold, brocade clothes and famous horses. The state official did not forget the magistrate who offered Xiao Jinlong, praised him for his outstanding achievements, and promised him a promotion and a salary increase.

The county magistrate did not forget the well digger, not only exempted Zhu Chengming from correspondents, but also allowed him to go to school, become a talented person, and win the juren. It didn’t take long for the Zhu family to live in a mansion, with a hundred acres of land, and countless chickens, ducks, cattle and sheep.

It took more than a year for the boy in Zhu’s family to return to normal. He said that he once became a super cricket, victorious in all battles, invincible, able to perform acrobatics, listen to songs and dance, so he lived in a pure gold house.

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