Brave little hedgehog

Among so many friends, the little monkey looks down on the little hedgehog. Look at how ugly he is: with big needles all over his body, his small, pointed head, always shrunk under his stomach, with a timid look.

One day, the friends were playing hide-and-seek, and the little hedgehog wanted to participate. The little monkey was not happy: “Go go, what are you doing for fun?”

The little hedgehog blinked, looking pitiful.

Both the deer and the little squirrel pleaded for the little hedgehog: “Let the little hedgehog come, little monkey!”

“Hmph, let him come, what can he do? Clumsy,” the little monkey whispered.

This is too unfair! The little white rabbit jumped out to fight the injustice: “Little hedgehog is not stupid, he can catch a few mice every night.”

“What’s so great about catching mice?” The little monkey raised his voice and said, “Can he run as fast as I do? Can he climb this tree like me?”

Everyone was silent. The round body of the little hedgehog moved and quietly stepped aside.

The hide-and-seek started. The little white rabbit ran into the grass, his snow-white body was covered by the long grass. Suddenly, the little white rabbit screamed in panic: “Snake! Snake!”

The friends all ran out from where they were hiding and asked where is the snake? Before the little white rabbit could answer, the snake had already crawled up to them. His body was thick and long, with a triangular head, and the poison core in his mouth stretched out, and it made a “sizzling” sound, which was very scary.

The little monkey yelled “Run!” He turned and ran away first. The little white rabbit, little squirrel and little deer followed behind. The snake straightened its body and chased forward desperately.

Passing by the little hedgehog, the little hedgehog bit the snake’s tail suddenly, and then retracted his head under his stomach. The snake raised its head high and shook it fiercely, trying to kill the little hedgehog. The little hedgehog was not scared at all, he still bit the snake’s tail tightly, and the snake coiled into a ball, trying to hang the little hedgehog. The little hedgehog rallied, arched his back, and the spikes all over his body stood up. Numerous small holes were pierced into the body of the snake, and after struggling a few times, it remained motionless for the last time.

The friends all came back, seeing the little hedgehog stabbing the ferocious serpent to death, and they all praised:

“Thanks to you for saving us!”

“The little hedgehog can not only catch mice, but also fight poisonous snakes. It’s amazing!”

The little monkey blushed, lowered his head and said: “Little hedgehog, you are brave. I underestimated you before, please forgive me!”

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