Brave squirrel

In a dense forest, there are many cute little animals: rabbits, squirrels, elephants, big bad wolf…

One day, the forest is very lively, what are they doing? Oh, it turned out to be selling lottery tickets! Uncle Elephant picked up the microphone and said in a loud voice: “Come, come, come…Let’s take a look. The original lottery ticket with 20 forest coins now only requires 10 forest coins! There is still a chance to win the prize. It’s rare, come buy it!” Mr. Rabbit listened, and he was secretly happy, thinking: Only 10 forest coins, I have 50 forest coins, spending a little is nothing, maybe I can win the jackpot! So Mr. Rabbit bought a lottery ticket without hesitation.

The next day, Mr. Rabbit took the lottery ticket to the Elephant Uncle’s shop, and found that he had won the 5000 forest coin prize. He was indescribably happy. The news that the rabbit had won the jackpot spread from ten to ten, and immediately spread throughout the forest. When the news reached the big bad wolf’s house, the big bad wolf thought of a bad idea.

After changing the forest coins, Mr. Rabbit deposited 4900 forest coins in the animal bank, and 100 forest coins were used to treat guests. When they arrived at the restaurant, Mr. Rabbit and the guests ate and drank, all of them drunk. Miss Squirrel doesn’t like to drink, so she just picked up the glass and drank a little. Since Mr. Rabbit drank too much, Miss Squirrel helped him home. On the way, the squirrel found someone was following, and when he looked back, it turned out to be a nasty wolf. Suddenly, the big bad wolf rushed in front of them like a gust of wind, and his keen hands and feet caught Mr. Rabbit away. Miss Squirrel was stunned, but she came back to her senses immediately, picking up the phone to call the police while following the big bad wolf closely. The big bad wolf stole the passbook from Mr. Rabbit and was about to run away, but was arrested by the big bear police as soon as he left the house.

Since then, the rabbit and the squirrel have become better friends!

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