Brother Frog Practicing Qigong

Sister Frog saw Brother Frog on the road.

She said, “Oh, brother Frog, why is your belly so big?”

Brother Frog said, “Of course! You knock.”

Sister Frog said: “What is this?”

Brother Frog said: “This is the qigong I practiced. It’s very powerful!”

Sister Frog said: “I don’t believe it, you show me.”

Brother Frog aimed at the six small fishes in the pond here! Huhuhuhuhu…a gust of wind rang and six small fishes were blown over to the other side of the pond.

At this moment, a vulture happened to pass by, and when he saw sister frog, he wanted to eat it, so he swooped down.

Brother Frog saw it and hurriedly let out a sigh of relief. The vulture was blown out tens of thousands of miles.

Sister Frog said: “It’s amazing!”

Brother Frog was already so scared to death, and as a result, he let out all the anger in his stomach after a fart.

Brother Frog said: “It’s over, I have to practice again tomorrow.”

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