Bunny’s pink eye

Everyone knows that the eyes of the little bunny are red. But why did its eyes turn red? Let me tell you.

In fact, the eyes of the little rabbit were not red before, but later turned red. Little Rabbit is a student in the Forest School. Because its brain is very smart, it has the best grades in all subjects in the school, and it is also the highest among its classmates. Therefore, it became very proud.

However, in the second semester of the fifth grade, a little monkey was transferred to the school, and the life of the little rabbit became unquiet since then. That’s because this new little monkey is extraordinary. It can go up and down on the tree, jumping alive, and extremely dexterous. Not only that, but the little monkey’s academic performance is also very good, far surpassing the little rabbit, and sometimes he gets full marks in the exam. The little monkey is friendly and humble. Therefore, the little monkey has many friends. After moving from the little monkey to the animal school, the teacher’s attention and the respect of the classmates gradually shifted from the little rabbit to the little monkey.

A few days ago, three good students were selected in the class. The little rabbit gritted his teeth when he thought about it. That day the teacher wrote two names on the blackboard, one is a little rabbit and the other is a little monkey, for the students to vote. As a result, almost everyone voted for Little Monkey. Little Rabbit had only one vote, and Little Rabbit voted for it himself. Through this incident, the little rabbit hated the little monkey even more.

One day, on the way home from school, the little rabbit saw several classmates learning to climb trees with little monkeys, and it became more and more angry. At this time, the little monkey climbing on the tree saw it, and shouted: “Little rabbit, you come to learn to climb trees.” The little rabbit heard it, and walked over to the little monkey angrily. You learn it, I don’t learn Kung Fu with you three-legged cat!” After speaking, he strode away. At this time, it heard several classmates who were learning to climb trees with little monkeys saying: “Little rabbits, I can’t learn to climb trees by myself, so he said that it’s three-legged cat kung fu. It really hides it! It’s better to be a little monkey, every day. Here you can teach us to climb the tree so hard, what a wonderful person!” Hearing this, the little rabbit almost vomited blood, and he walked home angrily, and he didn’t sleep all night.

The next day, the little monkey received a letter of war. It reads: Aren’t you smart, little monkey? Don’t leave after school at noon today. Let’s have an ability competition to see if you are smart or I am smart!

Challenger: Little Bunny

The little monkey didn’t want to go, but other students let it go. A classmate said, “Go, little monkey. Are you so smart and afraid of little rabbits?” So the little monkey accepted the challenge.

Time is up in a blink of an eye. When the little monkey came out of the teaching building, the downstairs was full of people. Even the teacher was alarmed. To be fair, we hired a teacher to be the examiner. It happened that this teacher happened to be Little Rabbit’s former teacher. Test their expertise first. The first is the tree climbing that the little monkey is good at. The game started, and the little monkey climbed the tree in threes or twos. The little rabbit doesn’t look down on the little monkey to climb the tree. How can it be? Therefore, when the little monkey got on the tree, the little rabbit was still staring under the tree. Of course the little monkey won. The second item is racing. This is of course the bunny’s good game, but the studious monkey sees the bunny running so fast, and wants to run so fast, so he practices every day. Now he runs faster than the bunny. The little monkey won. Although the little monkeys won the first two games, the points of the game are like this: the first two items each have 50 points, and the last item is 150 points. Therefore, the bunny may still win. The third item is an intellectual competition. The little rabbit is happy now. It thinks: This teacher has a good relationship with it and will definitely help it in secret. He blinked at the teacher while thinking, then looked at the little monkey contemptuously. The game has started. The first question is which bird’s singing is the best? The little rabbit was dumbfounded, because it did not expect that the teacher did not favor it because of a good relationship with it. The little monkey answered one by one calmly. In the end, the little monkey became the champion 3-0. Some classmates also shouted: “Little monkey wins little rabbit three times!”

On the third day, the little rabbit did not come to school. Three days later, it finally came, but its eyes turned red and never changed back.

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