Bunny’s wreath

Tomorrow, there will be a concert in the forest. Bunny wants to perform a dance, so he wants to dress himself up.

The little rabbit came to the grass and saw the green grass. She thought, let me pull out a few small straw hats, it must be beautiful on my head! The little rabbit stretched out his hand to pull, and Xiaocao shouted, “Don’t pull me, don’t pull me, I will hurt!” The little rabbit retracted his hand and walked away.

The little rabbit came to the garden and saw a cluster of red sunflowers. She thought, I’ll pick some sunflowers and make a wreath. It must be beautiful on my head! Just as the little rabbit was about to pick it, Sunflower said with tears in her eyes: “Don’t pick me, don’t pick me, I will hurt!” The little rabbit couldn’t bear to pick it, and walked away.

It happened that two butterflies were resting under the leaves. They said: “The green grass is where we play, and the red sunflower is where we sleep. The bunny does not pull the grass or pick the flowers. What a good boy!”

The next day, Bunny went to the concert without getting dressed, but she was still very happy in her heart.

The forest concert began, and the first one to perform on stage was the bunny. As soon as the curtain was drawn, all the little animals were shocked: the bunny is so beautiful tonight! She wears a dazzling wreath on her head! The little rabbit performed so well, even the beautiful garland danced to the music. However, no one could tell that the wreath on the little rabbit’s head was actually a group of beautiful butterflies.

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