Buton’s Dancing Candy

“The magical dancing candy is finally here!”

The trembling sound of excitement came from a small wooden house located in a green forest, in which the Elf Budong lived. His biggest hobby is to make all kinds of weird things. At this moment, he was holding a wooden box, looking at the colorful and sparkling sugar cubes inside, his face was full of joy.

“As long as you eat a piece of candy, you can dance a happy dance, no matter if you did it or not. Well, this is really a happy invention. I will now let others try its effects.”

He said to himself Talking to himself, he walked out of the house holding the box. He raised his head and looked at the golden sun hanging in the sky.

“I want to buy him a piece. I like him because he shines and works so hard. Yes, he is fully qualified to be the first to taste this happy candy. Okay, I want to give him a golden piece of this color. It fits him well.”

He flew to the sun, holding up a piece of golden candy in his little hand: “Mr. Sun, please eat a candy.” “Little guy, is this another rare thing you made?” Sun answered. Over sugar.

“You’ll know after you eat it. It’s definitely a good thing.” Bu Dong couldn’t wait to look at him.

The sun smiled slightly, put it in his mouth, squinted his eyes and tasted it, and said, “It’s no different from the usual candy, it’s very sweet…Oh!” He jumped up suddenly, with blond hair and beard. It floated away, turned a few somersaults in the air and fell down, hitting the ground with one foot, turning straight in a circle like a top.

“Oh, oh, great, my dancing candy works great!” Budong jumped happily and clapped his hands.

“Quickly stop, this is too unremarkable!” The Sun said as he jumped out of breath. He is now doing a cheerful tap dance.

Budong said cheerfully: “How beautiful you dance! Why are you always so solemn? Wouldn’t it be nice to relax occasionally? And the effect of this sugar won’t disappear until it melts.” He looked around to see the lively clouds. They said, “Mr. Sun jumped very well, didn’t he?”

“Really good!” The clouds nodded together.

After a while, the dancing of the sun stopped. While wiping the sweat from his head, he embarrassedly said, “I’m embarrassed!”

However, when he left in the evening, he mysteriously gave Ms. Moon a piece of green candy to replace him: “This is what I asked for Budong. It’s fun. You can try it!” At

night, the ground was filmed. The brilliance of the moon and the twinkling of silver stars in the sky, they smiled and looked at the moon curiously as they walked in a soothing dance step: “One, two, three, one, two, three…”

“This is the effect of Budong dancing candy.” A little star whispered. The stars were quiet for a moment, and then shouted in unison: “Budong! Budong!”

“What’s the matter?” Budong poked his head out of the window.

“Dancing candy, we want dancing candy!”

“Okay, no problem!” Budong took out the candy box and stood outside the house: “Fly, dance candy, fly, and fly to the stars.”

Colored, hair The lighted candy flew slowly and rose into the air, looking like little colored stars. They flew to the star that hung high in the sky and gleamed with cold silver light.

“One, two, three, one, two, three…” The stars counted the dance steps and danced with the moon. Some are in pairs, dancing a soothing waltz; some dancing minuet; some holding hands, dancing a cheerful circle dance.

Bu Dong stood in the forest with his hands on his back, raised his head, and looked at the ball in the sky with a smile. Suddenly, he remembered something, turned and ran back to the room, put a lot of sugar in the kettle and shake it well. Then ran into the forest and poured some sugar water on every tree: “Everyone is tired from standing, so it’s time to move your muscles and bones.”

“Boom!” “Boom!” The trees are free from the soil, they Dancing with a heavy body and dancing cheerfully, the ground was stomped. They shook the thick branches and laughed loudly.

The gentle wind rustled the leaves and grass, and seemed to accompany them with soft dance music. The moon, stars, and trees are all dancing happily. This is really a grand ball!

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