Cabin in the forest

In a large forest, there is a small log cabin.

There lived an old forest guard, with white hair and white beard.

He looks after every tree in the forest, and he also likes every little animal in the forest.

If anyone is injured, the grandfather will carry him back to the cabin, apply medicine to him, and wrap him in white gauze.

If anyone gets lost, the grandfather will lead him to the cabin, cook him fragrant chestnut porridge, and make him a soft and comfortable bed.

In the evening, if anyone came to the cabin as a guest, the old man would tell so many and so many good stories.

As the days passed, Grandpa’s teeth gradually fell out, and he couldn’t walk anymore. He stayed in the cabin all day.

However, he is not lonely at all. Because the little animals like to come to this small wooden house, they brought the grandpa crispy pine nuts, sweet wild pears and red hawthorns. They also told the grandpa what happened in the forest, big and small. Little things. Grandpa loves to listen very much.

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