Carol and her kitten

Carol always wanted to have a kitten, she could kiss him and play with him. But, how can I not.

Dad said to Carol: “Don’t worry, let’s put an advertisement in the newspaper.”

The advertisement came out and it reads like this: We desperately need a kitten. We arranged a very comfortable home for it and wanted to take good care of it. Do you have any extra kittens?

Carol brought out a dish of milk and a dish of snacks. She put the old cushion in a cloth basket again and stayed at home waiting for the kitten to come. Ding Lingling, the doorbell rang, and a boy with a basket came in. He said, “My cat gave birth to three kittens, and I will give you one. It’s called Boluo.” This is a piece of color. White and black cat.

Carol hugged the kitten and sent the little boy away. The little tabby cat yelled meowly, and Carol said, “Don’t be sad, I will take care of you like your mother.” Carol let the kitten drink milk, eat snacks, and when it’s over, give it a ball of woolen yarn.

Ding Lingling, the doorbell rang again, and a girl walked in with a kitten. She said, “This is an extra kitten in my house.” Then, she put down the kitten, walked out the door quickly, and talked to her mother. Let’s go together.

The second kitten is dark yellow with a bow tie around its neck and a small bell. Carol said: “You are too cute, just be company with my Burlow.”

Just after Carol had finished speaking, the doorbell rang again, and an uncle walked in. It was funny. He had a kitten in each pocket and one hidden in his hat. As soon as he squatted down, the kittens all jumped out and ran towards the room.

Carol smiled, and look, the kittens are so funny.

Later, the doorbell kept ringing, so many kittens came, and there were all kinds of cats.

Mom came back from the store, and could hardly believe her eyes. Mom said: “Kittens are very funny, but you can only keep one.”

At night, the house is terrible. The kitten hopped around on the piano, ding ding dong dong. The kitten got into the drawer and cupboard. When someone comes in from outside the door, a kitten will suddenly pop out behind the door, which is a shocking surprise.

Dad caught a kitten from every slippers beside the bed, “Too many, there are too many kittens! This can’t work, I have to find a way.”

The next day, my father posted another advertisement in the newspaper: giving away fat, beautiful kittens for free, please hurry up and choose.

The children ran from all directions. Carol was very sad, and she had been saying goodbye to the kitten all day. It was getting late, grandma called and asked Carol to help. Grandma’s house is not far from here. When Carol went out, there were three kittens in the house, and when she came back, one kitten was gone.

Mom said: “I’m confused, how did I send all the kittens away? I want to keep one.”

Carol’s tears were streaming out, and there was no sound in the room, it was deserted, and even the ticking bells could be heard.

Suddenly she heard meowing, and a black and white tabby cat jumped out of the kitchen. Carol cheered: “Ah, it’s Burlow!”

Burlow wiped Carol’s hand affectionately with his body, as if saying, “I don’t want to be sent away when I hide. I want to be with you.”

Carol fully understands the meaning of little cat. She finally had a little cat of her own.

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