Carrot train

There is an interesting train in Little Rabbit’s house. Each round carrot is a big carriage. Everyone calls this train a carrot train.

Daddy Rabbit likes to be a train driver. In the first carrot, he says, “Didi~~Dudu~~, the train is about to start, everyone must help me.” Daddy Rabbit is very concerned about everyone’s safety.

The mother rabbit likes to sit in the train and dance, kick, kick, and dance more and more happily. The mother rabbit fled up and down, and turned in circles. “The little white rabbit is white and white, with both ears erected, loves to eat carrots and vegetables, it’s so cute to bounce around”, the mother rabbit jumped more and more vigorously.

The little rabbit likes to sit quietly in the last thin carrot carriage, crackling, crackling, it turns out that the little rabbit is eating the carrot carriage.

Seeing the last carrot carriage gets smaller and smaller, it will soon be eaten by the little rabbit.

What to do? Father Rabbit stopped the train in a hurry, and Mother Rabbit stopped dancing. Everyone was helpless!

Finally, the little rabbit ate all the last carrot carriage and swishfully jumped onto the top of the carrot carriage of the mother rabbit.

From then on, the little rabbits and the whole family lay on the top of the carrot train for a ride.

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