Macaque digging well

The flaming sun was high in the sky, and the earth was almost scorched. It hasn’t rained for three consecutive months, and the water in the pond near the village is getting less and less. The water in the pond is the only source of drinking water in the whole village. How to live after the little water is used up? The animals are very anxious! The macaque thought that it … Continue reading

The story of eyebrows

Shi En has two thick and thick eyebrows. One day, when Shi En was playing on the side of the road, a strong wind suddenly blew. The wind was so strong that Shi En’s eyebrows were shaved off. Shi En was so anxious that he chased while shouting. However, all this was in vain, and his eyebrows disappeared for a while. Shi En’s eyebrows fluttered and fluttered with the … Continue reading

Little frog in a red vest

Summer is here, and the clear and bright lake is full of round lotus leaves and pink lotus. There was a little frog, she changed from a little tadpole to a little frog, and she was wearing a green dress. Little frogs have been able to catch mosquitoes since they were young. People often see her jumping on the round lotus leaf, waiting for the mosquitoes to fly by. As soon as th… Continue reading

Buton’s Dancing Candy

“The magical dancing candy is finally here!” The trembling sound of excitement came from a small wooden house located in a green forest, in which the Elf Budong lived. His biggest hobby is to make all kinds of weird things. At this moment, he was holding a wooden box, looking at the colorful and sparkling sugar cubes inside, his face was full of joy. “As long … Continue reading

Your birthday is in summer

There is a beautiful ocean park in the vast ocean (hào hàn). Next to the ocean park is a scenic ocean orphanage where many homeless orphans are accommodated. Green loggerhead (xī) sister turtle is one of them. Ms. Dolphin (hǎi tún) is a teacher at the orphanage. She spends some time every day taking the children to the nearby ocean park for a walk. Walking in the ocean park is … Continue reading

Our kite

The little rabbit battered a beautiful butterfly kite. He came to the grass, ready to fly the kite into the sky. A chubby hedgehog saw it, and he said, “Will the little rabbit let me fly a kite, okay? I have never fly a kite.” The little rabbit said: “Okay.” He handed the kite to the little fat hedgehog. The little fat hedgehog took the kite’s stri… Continue reading

Mika Dessert House

There is a very famous dessert house in Youyou Valley called Mika Dessert House. It has a cream-colored roof, mango-colored walls, and a taro-colored floor… The whole dessert shop is actually made of a big delicious cake. The showcase made of rock sugar is full of exquisite desserts. All the desserts that you can name but cannot be named can be found here. All the residen… Continue reading

Two badgers fighting

Two neatly dressed badgers had to fight for little things. The little bear asked them, “Is there no other solution?” “Nothing,” said the badgers angrily, “you must fight!” Little Bear said helplessly: “Just hit it.” Little Bear looked at the two badgers and stretched out his hands and said, “Please take out all the wallets i… Continue reading

Lulu who loves to climb the wall

Lulu is a beautiful little tabby cat. He has lived with a blind grandmother in a small yard by the side of the road, which is covered with roses. Lu Lu helps the old woman to bring water and boil water to cook; the old woman scratches Lu Lu and tells stories. None of them can do without anyone. Slowly, Lulu grew up and became a tall and big cat brother. Lulu became fond of clim… Continue reading

Save the hippo mother

Once upon a time, in a dense forest, a little gray rabbit lived. He is kind and helpful, and many small animals are his good friends. When encountering difficulties, they always look for little gray rabbits. One day, the little gray rabbit’s neighbor, Hippo’s mother went out looking for food, and unknowingly lost her way in the forest. As I walked, suddenly a big net fell from … Continue reading

Send an umbrella to Father Sun

Spring is here, drizzle. It has been raining for several days, it is wet everywhere, and everyone’s mood is very depressed. Little White Rabbit Lily looked at the misty rain and mist outside the window, turned her head and asked her mother worriedly: “Mom, I haven’t seen Father Sun for a few days. Is he lost?” Mother Rabbit took Lily’s hand and sai… Continue reading

Good baby, don’t be noisy

Toot, toot, toot–“The car is coming, and the little cock gets on the bus, and it is going to grandma’s house. In the car, there are grandma cats who are closing their eyes and resting, brother rabbit who is reading a picture book, and a small deer sleeping in the arms of mother deer. “Oh, oh, oh—” On the bus, the little cock sang a song. “Oh,… Continue reading

The big bad wolf and the seven lambs

Once there was a goat mother, she had seven children. One day, the mother goat was going to the forest to find something to eat. So, she called the seven lambs to her, and told them one by one: “If the big bad wolf comes when I am away, you must never open the door.” “The big bad wolf’s voice is thick and its claws are It’s black. With these, you w… Continue reading

Bright smile

In the middle of the night, Mr. Big Bad Wolf sneaked into the village, trying to pick up a little piglet for his baby. He gently climbed over the fence of Mrs. Pig’s house and came to Baby Pig’s window. Inside the window, baby pig snored and slept soundly. Mr. Wolf swiftly jumped in from the window and was about to pick up the baby pig, but he saw a bright smile on … Continue reading

Mole brother is not afraid

Rumble—thunder. Brother Mole woke up his brother: “Hey, hello! Spring is here, let’s go play on the ground!” “Are there any monsters on the ground? I’m afraid…” Brother Mole retracted into the bed again. The elder brother did not speak, and dragged his younger brother out of the mud hole. Ding Dong-Ding Dong-“Are you a rope monste… Continue reading