Caterpillar dream

At dawn, the breeze was blowing gently. Among the wild flowers, two flowers danced lightly. They each have a secret hidden in their branches.

It’s a caterpillar! Two curly caterpillars, one has stripes and the other is plain. “We are sisters!” they said. “When we grow up, we will become butterflies, and we will worship the sun.”

They grow up day by day. At night, they dreamed that they had become butterflies, flying across the blue forget-me-not sky. They flew briskly in the sun, bathed in golden dust…the

day grew longer, and the caterpillars grew longer. “It won’t be too long,” they said, “We will become butterflies, sisters in the sun!”

But nature has her own expectations, and her own dreams are different from theirs.

The sun rose, and my sister woke up, but she was alone. She was searching in the sun, but her sister was not there.

The sun was sinking, the nightingale sang, and the butterfly fell asleep.

In her dream, she met her sister. My sister is worshiping the moon, flying high into the sky, bathing in stardust.

Dawn has arrived. Butterfly really found her sister. At the turn of day and night, they met.

One is a moth and the other is a butterfly. Different dreams, the same beauty.

It seems that we cannot all become butterflies, the world needs moths just as it needs the moon.

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