Cats in the city and cats in the country

There is a cat living in the city, and he is familiar with everything in the city.

One day, a country cat came to the city as a guest, and the city cat accompanied him to play outside.

“What’s that?” The country cat asked, pointing to a towering iron shelf.

“That’s the TV tower,” the cat in the city said triumphantly. “TV shows are launched from it.”

They came to the crossroad again, and the country cat pointed to a row of lights that changed colors and asked, “What is this?”

“This is called a traffic light. It is used to direct traffic.” said the cat in the city.

In the children’s park, the country cat exclaimed: “Oh, no! Those two cars collided together!”

“What are you shouting!” said the cat in the city, “this is called a bumper car. The base is made of rubber. It is not broken. It is used by children for playing.”

Wherever I go, the country cat always asks this and that, sometimes making a fuss. The cat in the city felt that the cat in the country was too ignorant, like a fool.

A few months later, the cat in the city accepted the invitation of the cat in the country and went to the country as a guest.

The country cat accompanies the city cat to play in the wild.

“Isn’t this the hippopotamus in the zoo? Why did you escape here?” said the city cat, pointing to a big animal in the river.

“This is not a hippopotamus.” said the country cat. “This is a buffalo. After it finishes ploughing the ground, it rests in the water.”

At the field, the cat in the city pointed to the crops in the field and said, “What do you grow these grass for?”

“This is not grass, it’s wheat. When the wheat is ripe, you can grind it to make steamed buns.” The country cat corrected.

“It just rained last night, why do I need to sprinkle the flowers and plants?” the cat in the city asked.

“That’s not watering but pesticide spraying.” The country cat explained, “There are bugs on vegetables, and pesticides must be used to kill them.”

The cat in the city blushed, and he felt like a fool when he was in the country.

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