Cherry Blossom Tree No. 55

In the cherry blossom tree No. 55, Squirrel Little Five lives.

Dad has been very busy since he was very young. Before dawn, my father set off to work far away. In the evening, Dad will bring delicious things to Xiao Wu, sometimes a few fragrant pine cones, sometimes a few round berries, and sometimes a few sweet cherry blossom cakes.

Dad loves Xiao Wu very much, Xiao Wu also loves Dad very much, but Dad doesn’t like to talk, Xiao Wu also doesn’t like to talk. Xiao Wu decided to tell his father what he was thinking, so he ran to the Nanfeng Post Office far away and sent the sentence: “Dad, I love you.”

Under the cherry blossom tree No. 55, there lived a gopher who sells cherry blossom cakes. .

From very early on, the fifth son of Gopher went to work far away. He comes back so many times a year, sometimes in winter, sometimes in summer.

In the early morning of the fifth day of May, the fifth gopher was rubbing the cherry blossom cake, when suddenly the Nanfeng messenger sent a letter with the address of No. 55 cherry blossom tree on the envelope.

“It must be a letter from my son.”

Old Gopher opened the letter tremblingly, and a warm and determined word came out: “Dad, I love you.”

“Son, I love you too.” Old Gopher opened the letter . Wu choked up while rubbing the sakura pancake.

The fifth day of May is Squirrel’s birthday. Dad will stay at home for a whole day, but Xiaowu absent-mindedly looks out the window.

After waiting for a long time, but did not see the shadow of the Nanfeng Messenger, Xiaowu had to walk to the father who was eating the cherry blossom cake.

“Dad, I love you.”

“Son, I love you.”

Dad and Xiao Wu spoke out at the same time. After finishing speaking, my father lowered his head embarrassedly, took a big bite of the cherry blossom cake, and said: “This time the cherry blossom cake is a bit strange…”

Xiao Wu shook his head excitedly. This is the best cherry blossom cake he has ever eaten.

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