Chipmunk: I want to repay you

When the chipmunk came out to play, he was spotted by a wild cat.

The chipmunk desperately fled into the grass, but the wild cat ran faster and was about to catch up. The chipmunk closed his eyes and thought to himself that he had no choice but to treat the wild cat as a snack.

At this time, a big foot blocked the path of the wild cat, and the wild cat was dizzy and stumbled. It turned out to be Elephant Pippi.

“I put a cute little chipmunk!” Elephant Pippi said roughly.

The wild cat immediately nodded and said, “I am teasing him, hehe!” Then he ran away in a hurry.

Elephant Pipi is so good. The chipmunk clutched her violently beating heart, and said to Pippi earnestly: “You saved me, I want to repay you!” Pippi also nodded seriously.

The chipmunk went on and said: “If you encounter any difficulties, just yell’Little Chipmunk!’ and I will show up.”

Oh, Pippi didn’t expect this. Did he meet a little fairy mouse? Pippi was wondering, the little chipmunk had disappeared.

In fact, the chipmunk said this, he learned from the story, he knew that all those who were rescued had a conscience when they learned of the reward. However, he was a little worried that Pippi the elephant would encounter big difficulties, and he couldn’t solve it by then. Wouldn’t it be a big talk?

From then on, the little chipmunk followed the elephant Pippi quietly. When Pippi was in trouble, Pippi called “Little Chipmunk”. He could hear it in time, and it appeared in front of Pippi when he jumped.

Two days later, Pippi encountered no difficulties.

One breezy afternoon, the chipmunk was lying bored under the tree in a daze. Suddenly, the elephant Pipi yelled: “Little Chipmunk!” The little Chipmunk happily jumped to Pippi’s nose: “Pipi, you call me, great! You don’t seem to have encountered any difficulties, right?”

Pippi said, “I’m having trouble. I want to eat the sour pear on the tree, but I can’t reach it.”

“It’s nothing, I’ll help you, wait and eat sour pears.” The little chipmunk climbed up to the tree three times and picked the sour pears to Pippi.

The sour pears are so sour that they can be swallowed wholeheartedly.

Pippi also asked the chipmunk to clean the fallen leaves on his back to drive away mosquitoes and flies… However, the chipmunk felt that these difficulties were too small and too small.

In the flowers, the little chipmunk bit a flower and said: “Pippi, when do you encounter real difficulties, let me repay you?”

Pippi thought for a while. Then he said: “Actually, you have repaid me a long time ago! My biggest difficulty is loneliness. With you by my side, I won’t be lonely anymore and feel very happy. Would you like to be my good friend forever?”

The chipmunk smiled happily. He hugged Pippi’s nose and said: “I am willing to be your good friend forever!”

Pippi gently hugged the chipmunk with his nose, and at the same time he hugged a bunch of pink flowers behind him.


Expert’s words: There are many words of knowledge and kindness in China, such as “the grace of dripping water should be reported by the spring”, “the person who digs wells should not be forgotten when drinking water” and so on. This story is a story about repaying kindness. The protagonist of the story is a mouse and an elephant. Although the mouse is small, he always thinks about repaying his favor; although the elephant is big, it is not without troubles. Thus, the little mouse who wanted to repay his favor became the elephant’s friend. When parents read together with their children, they can extend to the parenting grace, let the children understand the meaning of repaying gratitude through stories, and understand that they must remember to repay others after getting help from others.

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