Clever little duck

The sun shines on the green hills, the green hills are lush, the sun shines on the small river, the river water is shining. The little duck came out from home and said, “Oh, what a nice weather, I’m going to play in the creek.”

“Plop.” The little duck jumped into the creek, and then dived into the water, then surfaced again, and then swimming with the little carp, and then playing hide-and-seek with the little frog, swimming, playing, swimming, playing …

The little duck suddenly yelled: “Oh, it’s dark, I should go home. Goodbye little frog and little carp.”

The little duck hurried to the entrance of the village, and happened to ran into a fox looking for something to eat—”Oh, a fat and tender little duck.”
The fox saw the duckling, and his saliva ticked down. It quietly walked over, walked over, walked behind the duckling, suddenly jumped up, and rushed towards the duckling, two pointed claws all at once. Squeezed the little duck.

The little duck looked up, ah! The fox has a big blood-red mouth, showing two rows of big sharp teeth, how dangerous it is.

But, the little duck was neither afraid nor panicked. He looked at the village and came up with a way. The little duck hurriedly said to the fox, “Do you want to eat me?” “Of course, I’m panicking with hunger.”

“Then I ask you, if I run into you, I can’t escape, right?” “Yes, yes, of course” “Then, you let me go first. I like your foxes very much.” “Oh.” “Let me learn from your calls, and you can eat me again, okay?”
“What, ducks can call foxes, ah ha ha, there is no such thing.” “If you don’t believe me, let me go if you don’t believe me, I’ll tell you to listen.”

“Well, you can’t escape anyway, I want to see this rare thing.” The fox said, and let go of the duck. The duck patted its wings and cried loudly: “Quack…”

The fox shook his head and said, “Well, this is our fox’s call, this is your duck’s call, listen, our fox calls like this: “Woo…”

The little duck said: “Well, I will, I will, quack…”

“Well, it’s not right, listen to me,” a big hunting dog shot out from the village when the fox opened his mouth and yelled.

It turns out that the big hound is a good friend of the little duck. The little duck knows that the ears of the big hound are the most intelligent. Hearing its barking, and hearing the fox’s barking, he will definitely come to rescue him immediately.

The fox is most afraid of the big hunting dog. When he saw the big hunting dog rushing over, he was so scared that he threw down the little duck, and ran away lifelessly. The little duck and the big hunting dog returned home with two good friends talking and laughing.

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