Clever little tailor

A long, long time ago, there was a princess. Because she was very beautiful, many people came to propose to her every day.

However, every day when a suitor arrives, the princess has to come up with a riddle. Whoever can guess the answer will marry the princess.

One day, three tailors came to the palace, and they all came to propose to the princess. The two big tailors think they are very capable and will surely be able to make a successful marriage proposal. The youngest tailor was very short, and although he thought the princess would not put him in his eyes, he still wanted to try his luck.

“You better go home, the princess can’t marry you.” The two big tailors laughed at him and said. Although being laughed at, the little tailor was not angry at all, still smiling.

Soon, three tailors came to the princess. The princess glanced at them and said, “I have two types of hair on my head. Guess what color they are?”

“This question is too simple. It must be black and white, like sesame and white cloth.” The first tailor said without even thinking about it.

“Wrong! The next tailor comes to guess.” said the princess.

The second tailor thought for a while and said, “If it’s not black and white, it must be brown and red.”

“Wrong!” said the princess. “The last tailor will answer quickly.” The

little tailor said, “On the princess’ head. There are silver hair and blond hair, and their colors are just different.” The

princess became frightened after hearing the little tailor’s answer. She thought that no one in the world knew the secret! Although the little tailor answered the correct answer, the princess did not want to marry him at all. She said to the little tailor: “Although you are right, I can’t marry you, unless you spend the night with a bear in the garden tonight. If you are still alive tomorrow morning, I will marry you.”

Everyone knows. The bear in the garden was very fierce, but the little tailor was not afraid at all. He happily agreed to the princess’s request.

In the evening, the little tailor was brought to the bear’s side. The fierce bear rushed towards the little tailor, who swiftly avoided.

“Don’t move!” said the little tailor, touching the bear’s head. “Be quiet.” After speaking, he took a handful of nuts from his pocket, bit the shell, and ate the nuts.

The bear saw the little tailor eating with gusto, and wanted to eat it too. The little tailor took a handful of stones from his pocket and stuffed them into the bear’s paws. The bear thought it was nuts, so he put them in his mouth. However, no matter how hard the bear could bite it, he had to say to the little tailor: “Help me bite it.”

“Look, you are so stupid!” said the little tailor, pointing to the bear’s big mouth. “You have such a big mouth, you can’t even bite a small nut.”

The little tailor took the stone, turned around and quickly stuffed a nut into his mouth, and with a click, the nut was bitten in half. The bear stared at the bitten nut and said stupidly, “I think I know how to bite it.

The little tailor gave the bear another pebble, and the bear bite and bite with all his strength, and finally bit it open. The little tailor saw that the stones were bitten away, and was frightened in a cold sweat. But he calmed down quickly, took out a violin, and played it.

When Xiong saw the little tailor playing the violin, he thought it was very interesting, so he said to the little tailor, “Hey, is it difficult to play the violin?”

“Very easy.” The little tailor said while playing the violin, closing his eyes.

“I want to learn too, can you teach me?” Xiong asked.

“Very happy, but I have to look at your fingers first.” The little tailor said, “Ah, your nails are too long. I’ll fix it for you first, or you won’t be able to play the violin.” After that, the little tailor Takes out a vise.

As soon as Xiong put his paw in, the little tailor tightened the vise violently and said, “You wait and don’t move, I’ll get the scissors.”

After a long time, the little tailor had not come, and Xiong realized that he had been deceived. So it shouted. At this time, the little tailor was already asleep.

The bear cried all night. When the princess heard the sound, she thought the bear had eaten the little tailor. The next day, when the little tailor appeared in front of the princess with a smile, the princess had to agree to marry him.

When the other two tailors found out, they were very angry and released the bear.

When the princess and the little tailor were sitting in the carriage and walking on the way to the church for the wedding, the bear kept chasing after them. The princess screamed with fear: “Ah! That bear is behind!” With a thought, the little tailor put his feet out of the car and shouted: “See the vise? If you still chase, I’ll get you in. !” When the bear saw it, he was so scared that he turned and ran away.

In this way, the little tailor and the princess went to the church peacefully and held their wedding.

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