Colored car

On the long forest street, there was a warm breeze. Suddenly, a colorful car flew up.

A group of little birds saw it, and they chirped and flew behind;

The little animals saw it, jumping around one by one, running and running behind…

The colored car stopped. The little birds flew down, and all the little animals ran over, watching curiously around the colorful cars.

A little bird asked: “Car, how can you fly without wings?”

The car said: “I am a colorful cloud, of course I can fly!”

A little deer and a little goat asked: “Car, we want to take a seat, okay?”

The car said: “Okay, come on up.”

A little white rabbit and a little squirrel also asked: “We want to sit down too, okay?”

The car said: “Okay, okay! Come on together.”

The car opened the door and everyone got into the car. Hee hee! The colorful seats are soft and comfortable to sit on!

A big hippopotamus ran over and shouted: “Small car, I have to take a seat too!”

The little animals wow, wow, and cried out: “No, no! You are too big to sit down.”

However, the car said to the big hippo: “Sit down, you can get in the car.”

The big hippo got into the car door. The car suddenly grew bigger, and there was a big seat.

The big hippopotamus took the big seat and said to the little animals, “I’m sorry, I didn’t squeeze everyone?”

The little animals shook their heads. They were very strange: How did the car become a big car?

The car asked everyone to fasten the seat belts. It closed the door and flew again. Flying and flying, flying over a large piece of green grass, flying over clumps of colorful flowers. Fly, fly, fly over a wide river, and fly over the top of a high mountain…

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