Colored little mouse

Little Mouse Abu can sing many songs, but he can only sing to himself.

Little Mouse Abu can dance many kinds of dances, but he can only dance for himself.

Little Mouse Abu can play many kinds of games, but he can only play with himself.

Abu didn’t like this at all, he wanted to share all this with the toys in the house.

But the toys don’t like Abu. Every time Abu comes to play with them, they will drive him away unceremoniously.

One day, Abu found a box of colored pens in the house. With a clever idea, he immediately used them to paint his body colorfully, and then boldly went to the toys.

Now, the toys can’t recognize Abu’s true face. They regard Abu as a colorful toy mouse. Soon they accepted Abu this new friend.

I made friends with the toys, and Abu was very happy. He taught the toys to sing, teaches them to dance, teaches them to play many kinds of games…

The toys think Abu is really good, and they all like Abu.

At night, Abu quietly ran to the bathroom to take a shower, and then repainted his body with colored pencils.

But on the next day, the toys were surprised to find that the color of Abu’s body had become different from the original. What’s the matter?

Oh, it turns out that after taking a shower last night, Abu hurriedly painted his body, but forgot to paint it as before.

The toys finally discovered that Abu was not a toy mouse, but the little mouse living in the hole under the owner’s bed!

Abu thought the toys would be very angry and would never be friends with him again, but he was wrong. Not only were the toys not angry, but they were also willing to continue to be friends with him.

Because the toys found that Abu was not what they had originally thought, except for stealing things.

Abu was very happy, and he and the toys became true friends.

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