Country mouse strolling in the park

A country mouse bought a new car. He drove it all day long. He was on the road and he heard the squirrels talking about how beautiful the park in the city was: there were rows of big trees. , Colorful flowers, shuttle crowds, charming concerts, sweet cakes and tempting drinks… He wanted to see the park in the city.

So the country mouse drove into the city in a car. Everything in the city dazzled the country mouse: all kinds of cars drove fast on the road, people walked around in the middle of the road, horns kept beating, cars kept moving, and all kinds of things were hanging on the roads in the city. Various signs. The country mouse thought: Which way should I take to get to the park? Forget it, I’ll just take one! Thinking of this, the country mouse also drove to the direction of the park. As soon as he entered an intersection, he was stopped by a traffic policeman. “What’s the matter?” The country mouse asked, “Little mouse, you violated the traffic rules. Cars are forbidden on this road.” “Look.” The traffic policeman pointed to the sign and said, “You should be fined 5 yuan.” The little mouse paid the money, returned from the original road, and continued to drive forward, but was stopped by the traffic police after a while, “What’s wrong?” The little mouse said again. Bored, “Little Mouse, you ran the red light. This is a sign that reminds you to pay attention to the signal light. Why didn’t you pay attention to the sign?” “Fine 5 yuan.” After being fined another 5 yuan, the little mouse continued to move forward. He reminded himself that this time I have to pay attention to the signal instructions. “Huh? What kind of sign is this? Oh! I told people not to bring a trumpet. Fortunately, I didn’t.” Fine, it turns out that the sign just now prohibits honking.

Along the way, Little Mouse has been fined by the police for not knowing the various road signs in the city. At the gate of the park, the little mouse was fined all his money, and there was no money to buy a ticket. The country mouse complained: “Oh! There are so many regulations in the city, and signs are everywhere on the road, but I don’t understand it. I was fined by traffic police everywhere. All the money has been fined, and now there is no money to go to the park.”

“Oh! It’s like this. There are many people and cars in the city. Only with those signs can people and cars go their different ways, and walk fast and safe.” said the park ranger.

“But I don’t even know what to do?”

“Well, the kids in our kindergarten in the city are amazing. They all know these signs. Let them teach you!”

The park ranger took the little mouse to the kindergarten.

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