Cowardly lion

This is a tall and strong lion, but very timid. If a leaf fell on his head, he would be frightened for a long time.

Once, he met a tiger and was frightened desperately. Fleeing, fleeing, the lion’s body has become smaller, becoming only the size of a leopard.

Then he met a leopard, turned around and fled again. Flee, flee, he has become only the size of a cat.

When the lion met a cat, he turned around in fright and fled. Flee, flee, the lion has become as small as a mouse.

A lion as small as a mouse met a little white mouse, and they looked at each other and they were all terrified. In confusion, they both ran in the same direction.

After a long distance, they stopped. “Hahaha!” Both of them were amused by their timidity.

The lion and the white mouse became good friends. Whenever something happens, run away together. Run to a safe place, hug each other and comfort each other: “Okay, okay, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid.”

Once, when the lion was taking a nap, he suddenly heard the mouse shouting: “Help! Help!” It turned out that a wild cat was chasing the mouse.

The lion jumped up, rushed to the wild cat, and shouted: “Don’t bully the mouse!” As he ran, the lion’s body became bigger, and it was as big as a wild cat for a while.

The wild cat escaped. At this time, a little deer shouted in the distance: “Ah, tiger! Help, help!” The little white mouse was terrified and said, “Let’s run away…”

Suddenly, the lion rushed to the tiger: “Don’t bully the deer!” As he ran, the lion became bigger and bigger, and after a while, it became bigger than the tiger, appearing mighty and strong.

Xiaolu said, “Thank you for saving my life! You are so brave!” The lion thought, “Brave? Am I brave? Why do I feel so timid?”

The white mouse said to the lion: “I am not afraid of being with you at all.” The lion said to the white mouse: “I am not afraid of being with you anymore.”

Suddenly, a leaf fell, and the lion and the white mouse flee together in fright. Flee, flee, the lion has become smaller again. It’s really strange, he is just such a lion that suddenly gets bigger and then gets smaller.

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