Crab finally laughed

Funny bear and hahashu were playing at the beach and were fascinated by the beauty of the beach. Suddenly, a loud noise interrupted their thoughts.

On the beach, a small conch (luo) is arguing with a crab (pang xie).

“What’s the matter?” Doudouxiong asked.

“It’s all good things he did!” Little Conch was very angry.

“I accidentally stepped on their sand palace!” the crab said embarrassedly, “but I didn’t mean it!”

“Look at the way you walk, you are aggressive!” Little Conch said.

The crab couldn’t tell them, and crawled away sideways.

The crab just crawled, and accidentally ran into a snail basking in the sun.

“I didn’t see you!” Crab explained hurriedly.

The snail said in a hurry: “You are unreasonable at first, and you walk horizontally all day long, yao bravely!”

“No one wants to be his friend!” Little Conch said.

“Hurry up and stay away from him!” said the snail.

“Actually, I am lonely!” Crab whispered, “I don’t want to annoy you, I want to be friends with you!”

“Actually, he is very friendly!” Hahashu said with a smile.

“Pretend!” Little Conch looked at (xie) with disdain.

“I didn’t pretend!” The crab was helpless, “Actually, I don’t want to walk sideways, but my paw joints are very special and can only bend downwards, so I can only move left and right, and I can only crawl sideways!”

“I have read in the book that when a crab walks, it first grabs the ground with the claws on this side, and then pushes it to the side with the claws on the other side!” said Doudouxiong.

“So, the crab didn’t deliberately want to be aggressive!” Hahashu said.

The friends ran to the crab to observe carefully.

“It’s really wrong to blame Brother Crab!” Little Conch smiled.

“After you crawl sideways, we will hide away!” The snail also smiled.

“Hahaha!” The friends started the game, and the crab smiled happily.

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