Cute goose

One day, Komatsu’s father bought two geese and found a bamboo basket with some old cotton wool in it, and then put the little geese in the basket.

The two little geese are like two yellow pompoms, close together, very cute.

Komatsu’s mother saw it and said to Komatsu’s father, “Hey! Why do you buy this! How can I have time to feed it?”

Komatsu returned home after school. After listening to his mother, he looked at the two cute little geese in the basket, and said quickly, “Mom, let me feed.” After putting down his schoolbag, he ran out to find food for the little geese. The things are gone.

In the evening, Komatsu’s younger sister, Xiao Lili, came back from kindergarten. She saw that her brother had two little geese, and she was also clamoring for it.

Dad said: “You and brother will feed it together.”

Xiao Lili twisted her body: “No! I want to feed it myself, I will feed it myself.” Then she ran up to her brother and asked for the goose. However, my brother is willing to give it. He said to his sister: “I am older than you, the goose should call me to feed!”

Xiao Lili was not convinced: “You are older than me, but I am more careful than you! I must feed better than you.”

In this way, they are noisy and noisy, and neither accept nor let anyone. Later, I had to divide the goslings, one for each person.

Komatsu used red ink to paint a red dot on the head of his little goose, and named it “Red Head Goose.” Xiao Lili dyed her little goose’s head with a blue dot with blue ink, and named it “blue-headed goose.”

At night, it’s time to go to bed. Komatsu found a small wooden box, put the “red-headed goose” in it, and said to it: “You live here, this is your home.”

Xiao Lili found a paper box, put the “blue-headed goose” in it, and said to it: “You live here, this is your home.”

Komatsu put the small wooden box under his bed.

Xiao Lili put the paper box beside her small table.

Mom came back from the night shift and accidentally woke up Xiao Lili. Xiao Lili immediately thought of her “blue-headed goose”. She rubbed her eyes, got up, and went to find her goose. But who knows, the little goose is gone, Xiao Lili crying anxiously: “Mom, my little goose is gone. Ooo! Ooo!”

Komatsu was awakened by his sister’s crying, and jumped off the bed, pulled out the small wooden box under the bed, and looked anxious: “Ah! My goose is gone!”

While helping them find the goose, mother said, “Don’t let the mouse eat it, right?”

When I heard that the goose might be eaten by mice, Lili cried loudly. Where’s Komatsu? Just these two feet, I searched in the room, and I didn’t find it for a long time.

Weeping and searching, my father was awakened. As soon as he heard that the goose was missing, he sat up and prepared to get out of bed to help find him. However, his father screamed “ah” just as he put one foot in the cloth shoes. With a sound, he retracted his foot again.

Mother thought something was wrong, looked at the ground and laughed. It turned out that the two little geese were lying in father’s cloth shoes. My mother caught them and put them on the ground. They kept screaming, as if saying: “We are brothers and sisters, why do you want to separate us!”

Dad looked at the wooden box under Xiao Song’s bed, and then at the paper box beside Xiao Lili’s table, and he understood everything. He smiled and said, “How nice to have them live together? Why separate them?”

Before Dad could finish speaking, Komatsu picked up his “red-headed goose” and put it in the original bamboo basket, and Xiao Lili also picked up her “blue-headed goose” and put it in this basket. .

“Red-headed Goose” and “Blue-headed Goose” are together again. They leaned close together, screaming happily, as if to say to Komatsu and Xiao Lili: “Thank you! We are together again.”

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